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Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable:

I’ve cleared my vessel.


I’ve detoxed, cried, released, sacrificed, died, been reborn, endured all levels of pain, I’ve made friends with darkness.

I’ve released begging for external approval and validation.

My energy got a whole lot lighter when I decided to stop trying to over-explain myself to people who were committed to misunderstanding me.

I’ve surrendered to it all.


My show, @thealwaysbeliever is full of honesty, vulnerability and showing up as myself in a space safe. For this, I am thankful and happy to welcome you in.

Come follow along for so much more magically aligned energy, plus on TT.


Now, I’m the happiest and most powerful I have ever been. My healing powers are heightened.

I’m in alignment with my soul purpose.

I’m staying in my own lane & trusting the process.

I’m growing, prospering, feeling abundant, being more confident than ever, speaking my true thoughts, owning up to my actions, forgiving and releasing.


This thought process and lots more is what you can find on my latest podcast episode on @thealwaysbeliever !

#GoDoFly with Ariadna: 6 uncomfortable lessons part 1

We talk about these three lessons in this two-parter:

Your self-love must be stronger than your desire to be loved.

You are always responsible for your emotional reactions.

Don’t feed your problems with thoughts, starve them with action.

Thank you @disney and @steven 🍀


Are you trusting yourself?


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