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Today we have Emily from Sincerely, Xo, Emily. Her greatest aspiration in life is to change the way women feel about themselves inside and out. She is a health coach, all about living healthy and being kind to yourself. As she has experienced food issues of her own, she has mastered the way to love yourself as well as deeper knowledge on how to help others.

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Chasing Life’s Greatest Accomplishment

I remember believing I would never get better.

I would never be happy. I would never love my body. I would definitely never love my mind and I would never be grateful for simply being myself.

I have a similar story to many young women with twists and turns along the way.

But, it all began with an unhealthy relationship.

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I had a very unhealthy relationship with myself.

In the seventh grade, I was told to go on a diet. I was a little ‘heavy’ and could definitely benefit from losing a few pounds. I didn’t really think anything of it. I began to eat healthier, more balanced and less processed meals. Add in some quality exercise, the metabolism of a young 12-year old girl and boom! I was losing weight, baby!

However, losing never ended.

For almost ten years, I struggled with my relationship with food, my body and more importantly myself. 

I would restrict, binge, emotionally eat, get sick, start the cycle all over again.

I not only lost weight, but I lose myself, my beliefs, my ability to support others and ultimately my light at the end of the tunnel.

I would have some months better than others. I would put on some weight only to lose a lot of it later. I was the crash-dieter, the ‘all or nothing’ Monday motivator. I was the girl filled to the brim with anxiety and self-doubt always knowing she wanted to make a positive impact in this world but never thought to start with herself.

By the time I graduated from college, I knew something had to change. I couldn’t live hiding from food, tracking every portion, canceling plans because the calories didn’t fit into my calculator. I didn’t want to have something else rule my life; something as silly and insignificant as food truly is. I decided I had to change and I had to bring others along the journey with me.

I began to write. More specifically, I began to type. Type, type, type away. I started a blog, began to grow my Instagram, and realized the more that I grew, the more I wanted to help others do the same.

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The path to self-improvement is hard. It’s long and windy and dark and impossible sometimes to even find your footing, but it’s the only option we have. It’s better, always 1000% better than turning back the way we came. Whether I felt broken, defeated, upset, horrified or more I knew that those emotions were all part of the process. The process that I so desperately needed and the world needed me to experience, as well.

From there, my life changed forever. My blog grew, I connected with thousands of souls online and off. I began to spread my story and my recovery and I left my old, unserving identity behind.

The one where I believed my worth lied in the numbers on the scale under my feet.

Where I sought validation from others before myself.

The one where my life was ruled by food rules and restrictions.

The one where I hadn’t properly enjoyed my own birthday cake in over 10 years.

The one where I was losing my life as I continued to lose more weight.

I now saw life for what it was: perfectly imperfect and how perfectly imperfect I fit into it.

I want to end my sharing my favorite quote, “To love yourself for who you truly are in a world constantly trying to change you is life’s greatest accomplishment.”

Chase life’s greatest accomplishment, my loves, and take back your life.

Sincerely, XO Emily

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She is such a gorgeous soul, inside and out. Be sure to catch her this year and let her guide you through your relationship with food. She is your go-to gal. Filled with life lessons and words of wisdom.

Let’s eat healthier, let’s feel better about our bodies and let’s rise up together.

The Always Believer

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