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Today we have Jenna Ocon, who bravely stands up and shows us the reality of motherhood. From her body to her mind, she tells us a short story about what it’s like being a mom. Especially in this day and age, with social media being part of our daily lives.

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We need to stop being afraid to show the real us. Social media is a huge platform where we see things and think “why can’t I look like that?” Or “why isn’t my life as perfect as that?” Half the time those pictures we are liking or even posting could really be deceiving.

How many times do we bribe or force our kids to take a picture instead of capturing in the moment pictures? How many times do we suck it in for dear life and try to angle the camera in a better way to hide our flaws?

We’re trying to post the “perfect picture” while comparing ourselves to one another on a daily basis but we might not know much about that person or family by just seeing some pictures. They could be faking a smile and be hiding their emotions and you would never even know because a picture shows otherwise.

For months I’ve been dealing with so many emotions about my body, in particularly my tummy. My tummy just sags and is so stretched out, which makes me sad everyday. I went from losing over 50lbs to getting pregnant right after with Gabriel. My stomach was stretched to maximum capacity with carrying a 9lb baby to full term and my belly was even measuring 46 weeks!! I may look like I bounced back a bit but boy can I hide it well!

Dealing with body issues on top of postpartum hormones has really taken a toll on my mental health lately. I wake up and check the scale daily, I cringe while looking at other moms whose bodies look fabulous after having kids. I look into the mirror and all I see is the extra baby weight that I can’t seem to lose instead of thinking how amazing my body is for carrying and growing life, twice!

I need to stop worrying about every little imperfection I have. I need to stop wishing I had a flat tummy. I need to stop trying to hide my flaws and just focus on soaking up every moment with my beautiful boys. I’m done trying to post the picture-perfect while comparing my body image to other moms because my kids need a happy mom, not a perfect mom. My kids don’t care about my saggy tummy, so why should I?

Jenna Ocon

We also had the opportunity to ask Jenna a few questions about motherhood and self-love too!

What made you speak up about your body and how a post-partum body feels like?

I really wanted to share with other moms that it’s ok to not bounce back quick after pregnancy. You can easily search the hashtag “postpartum body” on Instagram and you will see so many moms who have bounced back right away!

I was hoping to be found in that hashtag so moms if they found then can see that it’s ok not not look like those “other moms!” Let’s flaunt those postpartum tummies and not be shamed of them, we grew a human!!! We’re amazing!

Gabriel is already 9 months, how do you feel with your body now?

Right now to be honest I’m not as happy with my body, as I should be! I’m still so self conscious with my physical appearance! You’ll always catch me in oversize clothes to hide myself but I am eating healthier and losing the weight slowly!

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What do you think is the best way to show up for your kids?

I would have to say unconditional love. Love love love! Tell them you love them.. I kid you not I sound like a broken record everyday with how much I tell my kids I love them!

I shower them with kisses and hugs and always make sure they feel so loved! Also put those phones down and just be in the moment with your kids because trust me they notice!

Is there any part of you that wants to start getting fit right away? (for yourself, of course! We are tired of what society thinks!)

I wouldn’t say I want to get fit! I really could care less about having abs, or toned arms or whatever is “fit” to society. I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself. I’ve lost a lot of weight over the years so my little flab that my arms have remind me of the weight I’ve lost 🙂

Also the scale is just a number and those BMI charts are ridiculous!! If your eating right, drinking your water and feeling great then it’s ok to not want to work out and “tone!” Embrace your body for what it is and don’t worry about trying to look like what society shows as “fit”

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What is a piece of advice can you tell new moms who go through the same?

Stop stressing about the scale and losing the baby weight. Focus on your babies, take in their scent, study their faces and embrace motherhood!

Okay, we know you love essential oils. Tell us a bit how you got into it and how you use them. (I know you use them with your baby boys, tell us how!)

I could probably talk about oils for hours and how amazing they are! I was so skeptical about them and once I started using them I was blown away. They have helped my kids, husband and I during this awful flu season! I make calming rollers, immunity ones and even perfume for myself with them!

I diffuse them all day long and it smells amazing and we all are getting the benefits daily from them! My oldest loves putting on his oils before bed! He loves to smell them all and ask me all about them, it’s the cutest thing ever!

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Which one is one of your top favorites?

I have a ton! I’ll do my stop 5! Frankincense, lavender, tea tree, vetiver, and Cedarwood! Those are the 5 I’ll never live without for as long as I live!

We love how you portray the reality of mom life as well. Thank you for that! How do you find that “me-time?”

It’s hard to have some me time! My husband works long hours and only is off Sunday’s! I sometimes will get my nails done or just go for a target run. I love doing my annual Sunday target run, I get a Starbucks and just walk the aisles for about an hour and probably spend too much money! LOL

What is the best advice you have ever received about motherhood?

I honestly haven’t gotten much advice about motherhood, more like told what not to do! I was always told and (still get told) to stop holding my kids so much because they’ll get spoiled! To let them cry it out, I hate that!!

Their little humans who don’t know what they want. I mean, I’m 28 and still don’t even know what I want sometimes and get cranky because of that as well. Hold your babies/kids they’re only little once.

Also don’t ask why they’re crying or for them to use their words because sometimes they really don’t even know how to do so! I’ve noticed that when I asked my 3 year old that during a tantrum it would make it worse!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this with you all!

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Jenna is such a beautiful soul. She is kind, ever so loving and tells you how it is online and off. She is more than a stay at home mom (which is already the best thing to be!), she is an inspiration to all as she gives us the real-real on what moms have to deal with every single day.

We are thankful to have her story with us. Be sure to check out her link down below! We got more stay at home moms the next two weeks and in May sharing their #GoDoFly story on our blog and podcast.

What is the best thing about being a stay-at-home mom for you?

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