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Today we have Nastassja Sanchez, a creative soul with the heart of a writer and the imagination of an artist. She tells us her tale on her life lessons and how she became who is today. Listen to our podcast episode and fall in love with her truth, her charm and her way of constantly thriving.


In my personal journey, I’ve encountered many different lessons, revelations, and anecdotes. Some I have kept and continue to use throughout my daily activities, some I have grown apart from, and some that keep evolving into bigger and better lessons, revelations, or anecdotes. 

The one thing that continuously evolves, even when I don’t want it to, is the relationship I have with myself. If there is anything you need to know about long-term relationships it is that it’s a journey of ups and downs, better and worse, sickness and health. Right now, me and me are good. We have been spending a lot of quality time together and doing what makes us happy. 

But there was a time in my life where that wasn’t the case. You see, being in the entertainment business carries a lot of pressure to look a certain way, to eat a certain way, and in a sense, have a specific mentality when it comes to how you carry yourself. Being a woman who encountered toxic relationships since childhood, created a misunderstanding of what love looked like. The love I expected to receive and the love I expected to give to myself were both so far from the actual definition of what love is. 

When you have that pressure, and toxic understanding of love, soaking in the pot along with the insecurities you already have, there is a good chance you could lose yourself in a world of someone else’s idea of who you should be. It’s a harsh world to be in. It’s cold, unforgiving, and filled with self-deprecating thoughts. 

I can recall the exact moment where I genuinely started loving myself and I can remember the excruciating process. A lot of tears, phone calls to my mother, bi-weekly therapy sessions, and my favorite task: writing. All of these things were necessary to my healing, but the one thing that allowed me to explore myself more was writing. There is a rule when it comes to being a writer and it is “Write what you know.” So I did, and a pattern began to rise from the pages, the stories I jotted down not only echoed my experiences but birthed an alternate ending, one that I could be at peace with.

I realized I found a way to cope with my trauma, I found a way to acknowledge its existence, learn from it, but not soak in it. Upon this revelation, I conceived a new understanding of how to love myself properly and that is if I found myself in a situation or in a mental space where I felt unsafe, I can take control and change.

Essentially writing myself a new path, one where I could be happy in. 

If I heard toxic body shaming words, I tuned them out, made the conscious decision to not repeat them and to only utter the opposite to myself; words of encouragement and love. If a malicious person from my past resurrected into my present, I made sure I created a very clear exit path for them to take, along with the energy that followed them. I decided to choose me and let me tell you, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. 

Now that I am in this mental space of positivity, good choices, and creativity, I feel there is a responsibility I hold to spread this message of being able to choose again no matter your stage in life. Last year, I became a co-owner of a film and television production company called Rebel Maverick, where we find and create content that resist traditional standards and conformity.

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Where we celebrate and highlight a person in all their natural glory despite what society tells them to look or be like. I feel like I owe it to my past self and to anyone who is currently dealing with the same pressure to expose this kind of content and make it accessible. We can always choose again and create an alternate ending. We can always choose us. 

She shares such an inspiring story. She reminds us that we got to choose us. What we see when we look at her pictures and read her words is light. She is pure light. She has found her way to overcome her obstacles and turn them into life lessons. She has found her own way of shining and loving herself.

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We love what she stands for and that she made it her own! As well as having her own film and television production company, where she stands up for the people who choose themselves, against all the odds. Send this to someone who needs a reminder to choose themselves and how important it is!

Her podcast episode is out now and available on Libsyn, Spotify, iTunes, Google, The Always Believer Facebook Page, and anywhere else you listen to Podcasts. Stay tuned for more news coming with our girl Nastassja, we got more episodes coming for you.

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