#GoDoFly,  The Always Believer Podcast

#GoDoFly presents Christine Gutierrez: Diosa, spiritual therapist, author, mother, lover of nature and genuinely herself

I am Diosa is a powerful statement and message. One that comes straight from Christine’s soul as she shouts it from the rooftops. 

Much like, to make you feel empowered, to make you feel aligned and know your worth. All this and more is what her book, her coaching and most of all, her essence is all about. 

Spiritual therapist, author, mother, lover of nature, whatever the title is, she’s genuinely herself. Full of love, life and desire to keep going, no matter what. 

Her book is one of Ariadna’s favorites, one that is meant to have a journal next to it and write  your deepest feelings as you heal along the way.

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