#GoDoFly presents Courtney Burns (part two)

Dear Flyer,

Previously on #GoDoFly, we left you with a cliffhanger. Just like the best shows of primetime! Why? Not only to get you back here, yet mainly because this story deserved a two-parter!

Be sure to check out the first part of her story right here! Here is the continuation of her story, her brave and beautiful story. Her way of rising higher and fulfilling her true destiny. (Listen to her podcast episode right here too!)


It was me saying how gross my body was.
Or treating it poorly.

HPV cracked me open. It made me vulnerable in all the ways I had been trying to hide from.

I looked in the mirror every single day after I found out I had this and called myself disgusting. I shamed myself. I belittled myself. I told myself no one would ever want me now.

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I truly convinced myself I was worth nothing.

From this experience the journey I’ve been on has been about opening my heart. It’s been about healing from the inside out. It’s been about learning to put my needs and wants first. It’s been about acknowledging my feelings.

It’s been about becoming Bravely Beautiful.

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By no means has it been easy.
It’s meant hard conversations.
It’s meant tears. Heartbreak.
It’s meant empowering myself through challenges and tests.
It’s meant saying no.

This experience cracked me open.

It took me four years to tell this story.

But it ultimately lead me to creating Bravely Beautiful the blog and living this motto in my every day life.

My dream and daily life goal is to inspire other people to live a Bravely Beautiful life too.

I believe that our experiences we go through shape us. They lead us onto the path of what we are meant to help others with.

I had to learn to be brave.

Brave when the world felt like it was knocking me down. I had to learn to be Brave and get back up. To learn that my darkness was beautiful and that’s where my bravery grew from. From my darkness. From my strength. From having to relearn who I was and who I wanted to become.

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I awoke into this brand new person I had always longed to meet.

She overcame the shame of having something that was so common, yet she felt so alone and uncomfortable sharing.

She learned that her worth comes from her ability to live in her authenticity.

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Not from a guy. Not from relationships.

She learned how to put her dreams first and step into her light.

My story isn’t completely unique.

Many people go through this. That’s what I learned in finding the courage to share how my biggest rock bottom shaped my life into this Bravely Beautiful movement.

From there so many other obstacles and rock bottoms have presented themselves. But I always remember how painful and sad I was during those times and how much strength I gained from moving through it and that’s what empowers me to go after my goals and dreams to this day.

These wounds actually turned into scrapes, into bruises, into something I healed from that I choose consciously to help others heal from as well.

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I now live in Vancouver, Canada.

A girl from a small town in Brantford, Ontario. From living in Whistler, BC at the age of 21. To leaving at the age of 24 to live in Australia for a year. Traveling to Bali on my own. To moving back to British Columbia and calling Vancouver home the last few years.

It’s been a wild ride.

The world is a beautiful place.

Sometimes it feels like it’s doing everything to work against your dreams, but what I realized is that it’s actually directing you the whole time. It’s building you up. It’s guiding you on your true path.

What doesn’t break you, or better yet what does feel like it’s breaking you IS EXACTLY what you are here to help others overcome. It’s here to add to your purpose. It’s here to help you gain the strength and courage you need to reach your hearts dream.

From all of this I learned how Beautiful I really. How my dreams matter and how able I am to make them all happen no matter how tough they seem. I learned that the right guy won’t stray or be “disgusted” by this part of my story.

I learned that one of my dreams is to help others learn all of these lessons as well.

Be Bravely Beautiful.
And Go. Do. Fly.
Your dreams are waiting.

Courtney Burns

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We love having this Team Flyer on board! You can also check out her podcast episode where it gets even more real and even more fun! What meaningful thing(s) did you learn about yourself recently?

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