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Today we have the powerful and wonderful mom, Ixiana Wilmot from Radiant Mami. Además, tiene episodio de podcast en inglés y en español! She is on today’s podcast episode in both Spanish and English and ready to share her #GoDoFly story on our blog as well.


I am a Puerto Rican Mami (born and raised:) living in Maryland. I have been living in the states for 21 years (so half my life at this point). I live with my two boys (9 and 6), husband and cat, Ziggy. 

 I have gone through many transformations in my life and I am sure I will go through many more. I have been a photographer for over 20 years and at one point owned a Pet Photography business in NYC.  I still photograph, as it is one of my passions but I am currently focused on my Radiant Mami brand.  

I want to help women, specifically, moms, create balance in their lives so they can feel and look amazing while living their best life. This new passion of mine was born the day my first child was born you see when I became a mother, a part of me died.

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This sounds dramatic, but it is true. I slowly lost my sense of self, and that made it impossible for the new version of me that had been born with my child to grow. I was stuck and my health declined.

One day, years later (I confess, it took me years to love my life as a mom), as I looked at my two children, something clicked. I do not know how to explain it, but I suddenly realized that the tired, cranky, sad and uninspired version of me had to go.

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I wanted to be there, with and for those kids I love so freaking much. I had to allow my new self to rise and I was determined to learn how.

My life began to improve right then and there, and over the years I learned a lot about how to live my best life. With the support of my family, I went back to school to study nutrition and health. I became fascinated with how the body works.

I especially loved learning about how hormones rule the body and how stress can throw a perfectly orchestrated hormonal system out of whack. It was incredible and empowering because within the process of learning I found myself again. 

In the summer of 2019, after over 5n years of studying, I turned in my thesis and got my Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition degree. My life was looking amazing. I was happily pregnant, felt great, accomplished, loved and joyful beyond belief as I made plans to start my business. Less than a month later the shoe would drop and an unexpected loss shattered my seemingly perfect life.

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On July 7th I lost my baby on my 11th week of pregnancy. As his heartbeat faded the lights went off in my world.  It was a painful and difficult process both emotionally and physically. The following months were a blur, and nothing felt safe or stable anymore.

I struggled to maintain myself afloat and worked hard on maintaining a connection with myself and my body. Thanks to all the work I had done before to create health and connection within myself over the previous years I was able to move forward with hope. 

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 My original business plans shifted and as I made my way through that incredibly dark time I decided to focus my attention into turning my thesis into a book that would help moms. A book that would help moms like me. Because moms struggle, everyday, to stay afloat.

To rise and grow because of and in spite of all the gazillion things they do everyday to support their families and society as a whole. I wanted to make sure every mommy I came across understood that she too could take charge of her health and life and make it what ever she wanted it to be.

That during difficult and stressful times they would be able to succeed because of the connection they had with themselves and the tools they had to sustain health and wellness. Motherhood is complex, beautiful but also stressful as heck.

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My book Radiant Mommy is an educational guide, that includes a 3 week program, on stress, how it works, how it affects you and what real and sustainable things (science proven) you can do to address it so you can live in balance.

This book is not about my miscarriage but it was that pivoting experience that pushed me to move forward with the book and cemented my position of wanting to create impactful change in the way women perceive their role in their wellness. 

I want to share this information, this mission through my book and my Radiant Mami brand. I want to create a ripple effect so motherhood is no longer a synonym to exhaustion, loss of identity and never-ending stress. I want a new vision of motherhood to come into the forefront, a vision where motherhood is seen as powerful, joyful, fun, healthful and your own kind of fabulous.  

I know being a mom is hard and at times we all feel defeated, alone and hopelessly stressed but this does not define it and I want to make sure every woman knows that. We are all capable and deserving of living our best life in health and I would be honored to start that conversation.

Ixiana Wilmot

Si quereis escucharla en español, allá vamos! Su episodio esta disponible en español! And if you want to listen to her in English, here we go! She is such a light in our lives, she is constantly making us smile and cheering all of us on.

Her book is coming out in this month, so look out world! There is plenty more from Ixiana and Radiant Mami. We are thrilled to have her board and let us grace us with her endless words of wisdom, funny anecdotes and her opinions on motherhood. What areas do you need self-love and care as mom?

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