#GoDoFly presents Jackie Zukerman

Dear Team Flyer,

We got to love our #GoDoFly movement. Even though there has been a bit of a hiatus, we wanted to return stronger and full of force. Giving you a small flavor of what is to come, we got Jackie Zukerman!

Today we are just giving a small introduction to this powerhouse of a woman. She’s the founder of NEXTonSCENE, being a very talented entrepreneur and business woman overall. We are promoting her latest event, NEXTonSCENE Media’s Your Guide To A Better Lifestyle.

A unique experience cocktail party and trade show, more than 30 stands full of fashion, health, readings, counseling, realtors and so much more. Even various fashion shows! It’s happening on September 25th in Boston. This event is also donating 5 % of EACH Ticket Sale to Cape Ann Animal Aid! 

Get your tickets today. Use our code ‘TAB’ for 5$ off!

Jackie, how do you describe NEXTonSCENE Media’s Your Guide To A Better Lifestyle?

A one of a kind trade show experience combining two of life’s important things! Fashion and Living: A Healthy Lifestyle.

Why should people go? What can they expect?

People should go because they want to live their BEST life while networking with high vibe people! You also should want to go to meet a diverse group of people and support Cape Ann Animal Rescue!

Our fashion show truly showcases some incredible people from the NEXT boutique to know about , a company who has started giving back a percentage of sales to the veteran community AND a T-shirt and Sweatshirt line to support people with chronic illnesses! 

Have you done any other events like this one? How long did it take you to set this up? Tell us a bit behind of the scenes on working with the people who are showcasing.

I have never done a fashion and wellness event but I did a bridal trade show two years ago! Was a great experience but to recruit brides was a headache! (LOL.) To set this up has taken about 3 months. You need to pick a venue , envision the layout , figure out what types of vendors would best  benefit , what kinds of guests you want to attend.

Once you have that envisioned : How much should tickets be and what should be included ? What what are you giving away?  Then for the fashion show; what designers are you envisioning , what kind of models , when do you book the fitting , who is the Glam Squad! How are they going to walk, where are they going to walk!

Then of course!!! Putting together the magazine to be launched live on the day of the event , who will be in the magazine , sending layouts and questions ahead of time , getting it edited , crediting everyone that needs to be crediting and getting them in print by the 25th! Then back to event: how will the tables be set up , who will be next to who, what kind of lighting are we going to do, what is included per vendor package!

Tell us a bit about your company and what it does.

We are a talent scout for businesses getting you in front of your ideal targeted audience and teaching out how to get in front of the people you need to grow! 

We know you got a company mascot, your pet Hershey. Tell us a bit about her.

Hahaha YES! She is my best friend. She truly was my first ever podcast listener in my closet! Every time I would have a show she would sit in and sleep on the guest room bed behind me. When I moved to Boston not knowing anyone outside of my husband in between jobs it was depressing and I felt bad putting a lot of stress on my husband . Moving and adjusting was hard and she truly showed me I could be loved and deserved it when I was feeling low. 

Why did you choose to donate part of your proceedings to Cape Ann Animal Aid?

We rescued Hershey from there!! 

What is your future vision for this event?

I  just think my goals are to really help change the way people network. Change the way people are thought about and think of me and my brand when it comes to truly helping them up-leveling their business when it comes to marketing and media!

Do you have anything else to add to let our readers know? 

I just can’t wait to meet you all and thank you so much for this opportunity!! 

Fellow Flyers, if you are in the area or know anyone who is, please get your ticket and go! It is amazing to see young female entrepreneurs making a real difference. This event is pure magic. It is filled with fun, knowledge and tons of new networking possibilities. We are here to rise each other up.

And remember, to get 5$ off use our code: TAB.

Let us know if you are going! We will be hearing more about Jackie soon. If you know anyone who has a #GoDoFly story, let us know too.

The Always Believer

For more on Jackie, follow her here:

Jackie Zukerman Delory
FB: JZ Social Enterprises
Twitter: @JZSocialEnt
Instagram: @jackiezuk

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