#GoDoFly presents Jenny Ashbay (part one)

Dear Flyer,

This is the extraordinary story of Jenny, who after already having two little, got blessed with triplets. On the go, no extra help needed, she was handed three more tiny humans to add to her family, at the same time. She explains her story from start to finish and here we go.


Breathe…just breathe. Did she really just say three? 

The room was dark and cooI as I sat on an ultrasound table; my husband trying hard to pay attention while simultaneously keeping an eye on our 3 year old son and 20 month old daughter, who were intent on not sitting still. I was staring at what was probably the biggest shock of my life. There on the screen in black and white, were three precious, perfect, tiny little humans; three tiny little heartbeats…triplets! In less than five minutes my day had gone from just another day, to a day I will never forget. My heart was racing as I  grabbed my husband’s hand, briefly catching the sound of his nervous laugh. It was as if it was off in the distance rather than right next to me. Everything seemed surreal. 

This was not what I had expected from my third pregnancy…no, it was quite a bit more than I’d bargained for. Yet, an undercurrent to the shock was joy. Though unexpected, these triplets were amazing blessings! They were, in fact, an answered prayer.

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After the birth of my second child I faced some unexpected health issues that could affect how many more children I could safely have. It was a very difficult thing for me to process because my husband and I had always wanted a big family. However, I surrendered the issue to the Lord. I had confidence that if it was His will for us to have more children, then He would make a way.

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Time passed and I pushed the thought of more children to the back of my mind. It stayed there, peacefully unnoticed for awhile…but God. God had more in store for me. He spoke to my heart that it was time for another baby. I didn’t feel quite ready but I knew I couldn’t run from Him. As of October 2016 we were officially trying for baby number three and quickly got a positive pregnancy test, quite to my surprise. By my estimates I was only three weeks along (I know, I know, I shouldn’t even have tried to test so early but I am “that” person.)

It wasn’t long before I began to show…a lot! At three months pregnant I looked more like I was five or six months and it made me a bit self conscious. I had no idea why I was showing so much, why I was so extremely tired and sick, or why I was gaining weight so quickly! The thought of ‘hey maybe it’s twins’, did begin to cross my mind, but multiples don’t run in either of our families, so I knew it was unlikely.

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However, here I was, three months along, being told that we were expecting not twins, but spontaneous triplets! (“Spontaneous”: a word used by the medical community to describe higher order multiples that occurred on their own with no help from fertility treatments).

“Hmm, looks like you have two babies in there,” the technician had said as she moved the wand.

Wow, those crazy thoughts were right! I knew it. Go go mom-tuition!

“Oh wait, no, sorry, three babies!”, she exclaimed.

What? (Cue the record scratch sound effect)

“You’re kidding, right?’, I asked the ultrasound technician, “Like, you are telling me I’m having triplets just to get a reaction from me?”

She responded with no and switched to a view that showed all three tiny, precious babies on the screen at once. Our identical twin girls were on the bottom and the third, a boy (though we didn’t know the genders at the time) was above them.


Her extraordinary journey one to be shared and cheered on. Check out the second part of the story on Monday, March 9th. It is a wonderful thing that we can have these blessings and have our tribe’s support to help them grow happy and healthy.

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