#GoDoFly presents Jenny (part two)

Dear Flyer,

For this week’s #GoDoFly post, we encounter Jenny and her outstanding story of being a mother of five. Yes, a mother of five.

And this included getting pregnant with triplets after already having two littles.

Tune in to the first part of her story right here!


I felt shocked and overwhelmed, but excited. God had answered my prayer for a big family, just in a completely different way than I could have ever imagined. It was definitely a blessing, but… there are these pesky little things called logistics that did start to make my head spin.

How do you feed three babies? Do we need a bigger vehicle? How do you get triplets to sleep? I think we just outgrew our house. How much stuff will we need? Can we afford it? I guess I’m signing up for a c-section. Oh my gosh I’m gonna be huge!

As our family of four, (which would become a family of seven overnight), sat there, our hearts were full and our heads were reeling. We did not get much time to process the news before the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor came in. He informed us that there was already a complication. My heart dropped. My other two pregnancies had been smooth and relatively uneventful, and now I was entering a high risk multiples pregnancy?

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When the tech was looking at the triplets she had kept going back to the twins and saying that she could only find one sac. I wasn’t sure what that meant. The Dr. explained that the twins were not only monozygotic (identical) but also monochorionic and monoamniotic. In normal terms, they shared both an amniotic sac and a placenta. This is a relatively rare complication. According to *statistics it happens in only 1% of identical twin pregnancies.

Now, just this amount of information had been quite the roller coaster of emotions.

Triplets! Wow! What? Crazy. How do we do this? Complication? High risk? Mono-what?

I would have been quite content to have that have been the end of the conversation, but it wasn’t. No, it was only the tip of the iceberg. The fact that they were mono-mono twins gave them a 50% chance of not making it to birth. The reason being a high risk of cord entanglement and thus, death. They would also need to be delivered two months early and spend time in the NICU. In about ten minutes I went from excited shock to tears.

Death? Up to a 50% chance of dying in the womb? They need to be born at thirty-two weeks? What will happen in the NICU?

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However, I knew that our babies were a miracle unfolding and I felt the peace of Jesus envelop me. I never truly understood the phrase “peace that surpasses understanding” until then. It was an experience of feeling peace when you absolutely should not feel peace; everything within you and everything around you suggests that you should not have peace. The same God that nudged me toward another baby (babies, apparently), spoke again to my heart; He had a plan.

Fast forward several years and many prayers later and here I am, mama to 5 kids that I was blessed with within just 3.5 years! The triplets are now 2years old and sometimes more than I feel like I can handle but by God’s grace, I do. I am also heading to nursing school in January to become a NICU nurse and help babies like our triplets and moms like me as they navigate the difficult period of the NICU. I started my IG and my blog to encourage other moms to know that with God all things are possible and that they can do this crazy thing called motherhood!”


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Her family’s story is just something incredible to read, listen to and see. You can do all these things with her social media and blog. Her and her husband are a total dream team. Teamwork all the way!

Follow them down below and see those babies grow! How would you react if you all of a sudden knew you were having triplets?

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