#GoDoFly presents Johanna Salazar

Dear Flyers, this #GoDoFly story is special! Since she is on our podcast in Spanish, (su episodio en nuestro podcast está en español!) she has gladly written her story in English for our Team Flyer Community! She wanted to make sure to able to have the most reach as possible.

Even though we will have her on our podcast for more episodes, let us know if you want her to share her #GoDoFly story on our podcast in English too.


After five years of trying to get pregnant with treatments and all sorts of testing we finally decided to stop trying and in fact, decided to have a hysterectomy due to a chronic #endometriosis that was not getting better.

By then I felt comfortable having just one child, I even read a couple of books on the matter and finally was at peace (ha pun intended) with our small family. But as the universe will have it I found I was pregnant a month before my scheduled surgery.⠀

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It’s tough for me to admit this, but I was in shock and even disappointed. “Really, Universe?” “Now I get pregnant when I’ve finally moved on?” I was comfortable in my cushy corporate job as a cool marketing executive and all my vacation days were going to be used traveling. Just sitting at my desk collecting checks. 

My daughter was seven and freed up a lot of time that could be spent it with my husband and friends, and I was even considering plastic surgery. Yeah, I was thinking of me, but not in how I was to impact the world, but just self-serving wishes.⠀

My younger dream to change the world was put to rest and being comfortable became a better option. And then this spectacular little human being came into my world and destroyed my sandcastles with her insistent cry and contagious laugh.⠀

After having Paz, I acutely realized that I was meant for other things than sitting on a desk all day. I felt my days wasted, while she was home without me.⠀

First, I felt the urge to stay home with her, and later it leads me to find the purpose of my existence.⠀

She is one of the main reasons I created Joiness. She is the ignition to my WHY; to help others catch their dreams by effectively communicating their purpose to the world.

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Now I look back and thank Paz and the Universe for this course correction. I enjoy my days entirely and not just between 5 pm, and 9 am the next day.

The universe and life have funny ways to guide you. I know now that if you are clear on your WHAT and WHY the how will come even if you gave up on it.⠀

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No matter the trauma, we can all choose to cope, heal and to grow. Johanna is beyond magical. We get to see how she thrives and chooses to move forward every day. And we also get to see how she turned it into something powerful.

Thank you, Jo! For sharing your light in Spanish and in English. Let us know how what is your WHY! And we are always happy to hear your story, in either Spanish or English! What is one of the lessons you want to teach to your children?

The Always Believer

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