#GoDoFly presents Lacey Heath (part one)

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Today we got Lacey, a thriving woman, a mom of twins boys, Disney lover and worldwide adventurer. She is a wildflower and we adore listening to her #GoDoFly story and so much more. Today’s blog post is something special, thanks to her! Be sure to tune into our podcast episode too, as she shares more on there.


To start, I raised for most of my life by a single hardworking mother. Because of her, I’ve really tried to dedicate myself to anything that I put my mind to. I did the “majority” of my growing up in a small town right outside of Las Vegas, NV. In Nevada, I met my husband and found my love for musical theater. Fast forward, I graduated high school in 2009, and started college right away.

A number of reasons, unfortunately, brought me back home just a year later. At this time, my husband and I reconnected (we went to the same high school and never dated! Lol) and a year later in 2011, we were married! We worked hard and enjoyed our time as newlyweds for another year, but then my husband decided it was time he pursued his military career.

So he joined the Air Force. Right off the bat, our first duty station was in Tampa, Florida. We loved it! I absolutely enjoyed the area! At this time I had been working for Bank of America in NV and was able to transfer to a new region in FL! During our time in Florida, we got our first dog, a golden retriever named Wesson, who honestly is my first child lol. He is everything to me.

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Tony took a firefighting job so he was gone for 48 hours and then off 72 hours. With a strange schedule, things got lonely at times. I needed someone with me. That’s where Wesson really helped heal my heart. Now in January 2015, we were moved to a new station in Japan! Yes JAPAN! I can not tell you how much I miss that country.

Right about this time, Tony and I had been trying to have children. We didn’t expect things to happen right away, so we were completely surprised when a year had passed and no positive pregnancy tests… once we made our big across the world move, we decided we would seek professional medical help to find out why we were getting pregnant.

Well, after moving to Japan, meeting new doctors, and running tests, we were deemed with “unexplained infertility”. Basically they told us there was nothing they could do for us… another year went by and we tried and tried. But nothing worked. In 2016, we decided to seek out a fertility specialist in Japan. Now, I’m not sure how much you know about fertility treatments, but they are EXPENSIVE!

And of course, health insurance doesn’t cover hardly a thing… luckily for us, Japan is one of the most affordable countries for fertility treatments! So we knew that if we were going to get pregnant, we would have to do it while we were there. We immediately met with doctors and drew up a plan!

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We started with IUIs (intrauterine insemination). The first one didn’t take… the second one didn’t either… and the third was not a charm… we were discouraged, but with our doctor’s suggestion we moved on to the next step, IVF (in vitro fertilization). Being in 2017, after grueling shots and long appointments we were able to gather enough eggs and make our first implant! And guess what! The first one took instantly!

We were elated! We thought this was our chance, but about 10 weeks later, the baby was lost… I soon found out I would have to have a D&C procedure to remove the miscarriage… With us living in Japan and with my husband’s work schedule, I actually had to go through the surgery alone… I would say that was the moment I had my first real taste of depression… I didn’t know how to cope. 

After taking some time to heal, in November 2017, we tried another time. This time the embryo took again! But unfortunately, I miscarried after an emergency trip home where my grandfather passed. He was the biggest father figure in my life… so that was devastating… with his death and my 2nd miscarriage happening all at the same time, again I could feel myself falling into depression… Again, I waited and healed.

Moving onto June 2018, we were in our last year in Japan and didn’t have much time left. We decided to take one last try at IVF and transferred 2 embryos. Well, I’m sure you can guess what happened! THEY BOTH TOOK!


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Tune in to today’s podcast episode to hear more of her story. Not only that, be ready for a huge surprise with Lacey next week. We adore having her on board as a Team Flyer member. Her podcast episode made us teary, laugh tons and give us all the hope and love in the world. We are giving it to you real and honest, Flyers.

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