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Dear Team Flyer,

We got Shika Chika here with us today and what a treat! Today we share her story, both on the blog and on our podcast. With deep trauma that lies in her past, she teaches us how she overcomes in on a daily and makes way for new paths ahead.  Let’s go over her story and learn what she is all about.


From Corporate Entrepreneur at 20 to Conscious Being

Well hello there. I am Shika. I am excited to take you along the story with me. I am a mentor, owner of BlogIt, energetic healer, Yotuuber, podcaster and travel/ wellness influencer. I have been published in 8 online articles, 1 magazine, work with reputable brands and own one of the biggest content creating women conference in North America.

My accomplishments didn’t all happen overnight. It was a process, a journey and required a lot of healing on my part. So where does this story all start. 7 years ago.

I was a director of marketing for an NGO in Canada at 20,  the youngest on the board in the company and finishing my degree. Everything was lined up for me, that is until I went through a traumatic  experience ( stay tune to find out this story on my Youtube channel and podcast). My whole life got turned upside down one night and I was in shock for months.

I stopped going to work, exercised awhole tone to tune out my damage I was going through, got diagnosed with endometriosis, disconnect from friends and family, my then relationship feel out, on many main killers numbing the pain, depressed, anxious and unhappy. I no longer saw my purpose in this dimension and I felt like my soul had been taken out of me and had no way out. 

I went through therapy, while trying to navigate what I was feeling and getting out of this ‘rut’ that everyone kept saying, hey it will be better, this isn’t forgever. Well let me tell you, it felt like forever, it felt like ettuntinity. I tried going back to work but my body mentally and physically couldn’t take it. 

Then after countless arguments with my then partner ( we were both going through alot), enough sessions for a life time and countless journaling, on April 12 at 2:58am I decided to by my blog domain, www.shikachica.com and use it as an outlet. I start creating content on my instagram and my blog on mental health, travel and fashion.

All the things that made me feel human again and I didn’t tell anyone. I felt like it was my little secret that NO ONE needed to know. Then 3 months later a Canadian online article didn’t only publish me once but 4 times that summer and my secret was out. I woke up one morning to see my my facebook and Instagram filled with messages of people saying congrats and sending me the link. My secrets was exposed.

What would I do? Well I did what anyone else would, embraced and said hey if I can inspire one person from my story why not inspire thousands.

Now through my journey I was still healing remember that traumatic experience? About a year later I reconnected with my spiritual side and start meditating, affirmations, manifestation, reflecting and looking for inner growth.

I loved it so much that research and came across something called reiki. If you don’t know what it is and you are into spirituality, angel numbers, manifestation, law of attraction and all the goods this might be something you would like.

Reiki is the transfer of energy from the universe to heal mater, people, animals. After trying it for the first time ( actually twice) in Bali I was hooked. I got 4 sessions before I decided I wanted to be a reiki practitioner. Great right?

Well yes but then I had to go through healing every moment in my existence since growing in my mothers tummy and let me tell you us humans go through a lot. I was reliving my life again in 21 days. 

I now happy to be inspiring over 55k people around the world with my journey, sharing travel, wellness and social media tips, while healing myself and other energetically/ educating them on spirutality and wellness, mentoring conscious entrepueneurs and beings that are going through life (yes life), touring across the world bringing people together in the media world and some other amazing projects that you can learn all about and join me along the way on my social media (come say hi).

All in all, this journey wasn’t easy and it never is because it wouldn’t be worth fighting for. I want to say thank you for reading this story and I hope I was able to connect with you in some way through one billion stories that lie among our beautiful earth.

Sending you light, love and positivity
Your chica,


We are adding her most recent YouTube video on Kobe Bryant and everyone involved in the terrible accident… while we have no words, she has eloquently put together this video.

All our thoughts, love and prayers are with them. We just want to remind you that every day is a blessing. Appreciate, leave a legacy, hug a bit tighter and love a whole lot stronger.

If you want to reach out with your feelings, thoughts, stories and more, here at The Always Believer, we are here for you. Always.

She is just a gem of a person. A real Flyer since day one too. The true essence of putting yourself out there, overcoming obstacles and taking that leap. Thanks to her spiritual guidance, in which we include reiki, meditation and more, she was able to make her own path. Go follow her for more mental wellness and mentoring!

And check out our podcast episode right here! We are also on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play!

What was your wake up call?

The Always Believer

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