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Today we got the talented and community-driven Tania Lopez from Art y són! She has created a platform to promote Hispanic and Latin art. Són means flavor, it has a certain feel to it, it means to have spark. And with her clever name, her mission is to make sure art has són too!

We also have her on today’s podcast episode and she’s on fire!


I will start my story by saying that, as a child, I was taught that a woman’s job is NEVER done. And although, in Hispanic culture, most people will take this as, house chores, kids, husband and so on. I took this as something MORE. 

A woman has responsibility for herself FIRST. Then her home. Her career. And then… her community. We tend to forget this part, don’t we? 

We get so consumed with what’s going on with our little world that we forget that the community we live in, affects us too. 

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Now, although I recently decided to turn my artwork into a way of living, before that, I owned a Latin dance studio, I helped organize festivals and I helped the local small women’s business association interview Latin business owners. All in all I learned one thing.

Our Hispanic community does not have a unified mentality. 

This became extremely frustrating to me. For years I felt like I was swimming against the tide, trying to get everyone together for the things they said they needed.

Until finally I broke down, shut the studio’s doors and took two years to REALLY get to know ME. Get to know my art and the things that made me tick. Only to realize, that we are not meant to be alone.

We all need our tribe. 

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I decided to step out of my comfort zone once again and partake in festivals but this time, as a vendor. With this, I’ve met so many other strong minded women that were eager to find their tribe as well. But our circle is still small and our resources limited.

Through social media, I have learned and spoken to other women, in other communities, that have been experiencing the same issues.
The Mujer Poderosa Summit, is meant to provide that venue for women such as myself to get together.

Showcase our work.

Showcase our craft.

Network with women that are just like you and I. Never giving up on their “hustle” and maybe learning a thing or two from one another. 

I want to be able to EMPOWER other Latina women, just as much they empower ME. Because every time I see a Latina doing her thing, I can’t help but to feel a sense of PRIDE to be a Mujer Poderosa! 

Tania Lopez

Tania creates art, explores the Latin American culture in every shape, way, and form and works her magic. Listen to our podcast episode as we will go over her story in-depth and talk about her latest events.

Mujeres Poderosas Retreat is what is coming up next and it all fire and grace. Empowering Latinas, proving the tools they need and showcasing talent. Dive into our podcast to know more!

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