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Guiding words for 2020

Dear Flyer,

How are you today? Already a month into this new decade! Wow! How are we feeling? By now, you know you have heard our first few podcasts talking about body and mind wellness. As well as a bit of my backstory. It is such an exciting new journey that I feel totally blessed and thankful to be sharing with you.

Through the podcast and the page, there are many wonderful ways you can uplight one another. And it such a beautiful sight to see! So before we dive in… PSA: we just added a FREE ALL INCLUSIVE Facebook Group for our community to keep on growing and feeling supportive. Fill in those three questions so we can know more about you and feel free to add whoever you want too. We are all in this together!

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Let’s get down to it!

I want you to do an exercise today. Today, right now, grab a pen and paper and write these words down: (in a straight line, leave a gap in between them for space.)








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Now that you have written these down … Add another column next to it and the top part of of this column will say: “In 2020, my guiding word is:”

Let’s give you some examples! You can use any word you like, such as evolution, service, energy, trust, commitment, happiness, creativity, companionship, balance, love, light, appreciation, daring, unity, etc.

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After this column is done and fulfilled, add one more column! This one is called “And I will act from a place of:”

Examples of words you can use are integrity, bravery, tenderness, strength, delight, curiosity, hope, abundance, love, knowledge, heartfelt, intention, communication, listening within, balance, wonder, imagination, etc.

After doing this little chart, Flyer, here comes part two. Underneath it, you are going to write one goal per category. You can set one specific goal throughout 2020. One must suggest to also add quarterly goals per topic. Sometimes we need to see the small picture, as in taking the first steps, rather than the whole picture. It is better for our own self-esteem, motivation and moving forward with said goals.

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You can post the chart up where you can see it every day. These can also go on your cell phones or computer notes, on the mirror, on top of the coffee maker, on your bed stand … anywhere you can see them daily. This is important since these words will guide you along through the tricky part of life. This exercise will help you reach down within yourself, set your intentions, get your motivation in gear and stay focused.

Remember, whatever you say to yourself sticks. Treat yourself kindly, meet your needs and stick to your own gut. Love yourself.

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As you can see from mine down below, I did a few things differently. I happen to add my word of the year on the top left corner. As well as some flowers and fireworks. What is not shown is the part of the goals. It is up, currently, underneath that paper, with the main words too. And as stated above, this is your creation, it is your world. I know myself, I will be redoing this throughout the year. In my particular case, not the words per se, yet the design. I love being creative and giving it a fresh light ever so often. Remember, there is no wrong or right, there is only listening to your deepest being.

Tell us your word of the year! Enjoy crafting, manifesting and this brand new moon. Let me know if you want hear more about astrology and all that magic.

The Always Believer

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