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Happy World Thyroid Day! (May 25th 2021)

Being able to balance thyroid hormones while reducing symptoms is more about filling up your life with joy and magic instead of following a list of what not to do.


Happy World Thyroid Day!

I talk a bit about having this invisible illness. Raising awareness and showing my real self wherever I go!

It’s not easy having this, not one bit, specially during a pandemic. This means that there has been a lot less movement and a lot more bad sitting positions.

As an active person that I am, I’ve been hit hard. Now, at last with Summer and vaccines around the corner for all, I can see the light.

I’m going to get some great sunshine every day, find (even more) joy in everything I do, turn my phone off a whole lot than I already do, laugh every single day out loud, read tons of good books be present, be still, take long walks, be even more thankful, play more and lots more.


I get up every single day with energy to shine on because LIFE IS WORTH IT.

I know it is, among the chaos and the pain and the constant tiredness while I get regulated …

YOU make it worth it. And I know I got what it takes to continue my journey.

No matter how many times I’ve been bullied for my looks and my weight, I know myself. And I got myself. Stronger, wiser, better and full of more self-love and care every single day.


The thyroid is that butterfly looking gland in front of your neck that controls EVERYTHING in your body. And it affects 5/8 women.

If you feel like you may have thyroid disease, please reach out to your doctor and advocate for yourself until YOU are satisfied. If you have a family history of thyroid disease, PLEASE go talk to your doctor.

TAG someone who needs to hear this message. Tag a profile you follow that has information. Let’s spread the word together.


You aren’t alone, just the opposite. And there is a way to live a life full of health, pleasure, magic with all the spark & spice in the world.

Join along, do the work, get informed, believe in yourself and trust the universe.

Don’t believe me? Just watch!


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