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Healing also looks like this.

Healing comes in no filter no makeup pjs all kind of style.

Healing comes in recovering from the flu, from a heartache, from past traumas crying all day kind of vibes.

Healing comes in whatever you feel.

From special herbs to talking to a therapist, healing is this.

Today, I just felt like resting, all day in bed, recovering from a cold and tales from the heart, dealing with me personal demons and giving me a chance to grow and heal.

I’m here to show the realness of a journey, the not so pretty moments, the times you really got to push yourself to keep going on and everything else in between.

This right here is also part of my journey.

So, if you made it this far down the text, THANK YOU for being here. Thank you for seeing the truth of my healing. And knowing that your journey is equally as special, different, real and needed.

Happy Healing!

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