Ariadna Arredondo,  Motivational Monday,  Spiritual Sundays

Hi there! Look at you! Here you are, learning to be courageous despite all your fears.

Say goodbye to what’s not perfectly aligned for you and hello to what you want to attract.

Become a magnet of all the goodness.

For those unknowns that you may fear, are the ones which will take you to your greatest adventures and most treasured memories.

Because through this hardship, you’ve grown, you’ve conquered and you’ve mastered. You’ve also softened, cried and cared more.

It always felt like too much and you’ve learned to ground yourself and to breathe in deep.


Remember that repeating the same cycle with a completely different attitude shows tremendous healing and growth.

You’ve taught yourself to heal among the bruises and the chaos with the magic that is you, with the love what is in you.

You are forever growing and forever learning, to which we say: take the leap, dive right in, you are ready for whatever is next.


Trust that your path is yours and you’re meant to be where you are to be the person that you are. Live your truth and shine bright.

You end up healing whatever it is that you’re going through and end up being happier than ever before.

All because you chose yourself, all because you cared enough to heal yourself, all because you are you, light, love and adventurer.


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