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Honestly, you should be so proud of you.

When was the last time you paused for a second and gave yourself the credit you deserve for how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown, the person you’ve become, the transformation you’ve experienced and the tough lessons you’ve learnt?

Honestly, you should be so proud of you.


Days run fast, moments come and go and before we know it, we are off to the next project.

Let’s get off the treadmill a bit and slow down.

Let’s take a whole day to realize and remember who we are and how far we’ve come.


Let’s celebrate ourselves today. Let’s celebrate our growth more and more and more.

As for me, while I work smart and avidly on my life mission and passion – @thealwaysbeliever and there’s so much content coming your way and growth, vulnerability, truthfulness, storms and rainbows and thankfulness all aligned into one.

While I do work my current and soon to be gone 9-5 as we do what we do our best with what we got…


I’ve got asked many times by my husband @kpm_dylan@kingpoemyers@kingpoemyerscreatures , cards, guides and such to remind myself all my growth, all my self-love, all my wins and most of all …


This one that I’ve been manifesting so much for over two years. This one that is being so full of love and light. This one that has brought me so many people that align with my truth and heart.

This one that even though has filled my life physical pain yet with the right tools and required actions to stop and listen to my body and it’s own motion in time.

This one that even though it has brought some challenges with certain people, it has right me to set my boundaries and speak my truth more.

This one that brought my family home.



THANK YOU! For being who you are, for being here, and for reading and listening to my thoughts.


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