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I am also being very intentional about my inner dialogue every single day.

Straight from one of my all time favorite humans – @lilly

I came up with these words and welcome you to repeat them to yourself if you find them useful:

I am love. I am light. I forgive myself for the moments I convince myself I am not love and light.

I forgive myself for being critical of myself. I forgive myself for the moments I self-sabotage and don’t act towards myself with love.

I accept and love that I am a flawed human and in this moment and every moment to follow, I look forward to bettering myself, with love.

I forgive myself for judging myself. I forgive others for judging me.

I am not mad at myself for sometimes having negative thoughts, but I will continuously give myself permission to let go of those thoughts because they do not serve me.

I will work hard and prepare hard and always try my best, but when a task is done, I will receive myself with pride, instead of a harsh need for perfection.

I give myself permission to be a human. And I recognize everyone else is one too.

I choose love. I choose forgiveness. I choose togetherness.

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So thankful for each and every one of you. You light up my life. These ups and downs have been real.

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Hug tighter, love stronger


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