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I am taking time for myself as I become more thankful in each and every step.

From following my heart, to meditating to reaching down to the core.


Sitting down with oneself is one of the hardest and bravest things to do. I do it more and more often, as I grow, love, forgive, release and keep on moving inward and onward.

Some days are like yesterday where I changed outfit 3 times, because I didn’t feel okay with my body and I was worried about what others had to say instead of being me.

I cried, I kinda spiraled, and I picked myself back up and then was like, okay amorcito de mi vida, what do we need to get better?

Take a deep breath, and let’s conquer the quest so we can get better and remind ourselves of our self-love and worth.

This can happen for our mind, body and soul. As I talk all about it on my podcast @thealwaysbeliever


These pictures represent all of me being 110% unapologetically myself. And my body too, the same one that is holding me together through thick and thin, and is along for the ride.

Reminder: Beauty comes from within.


On my podcast @thealwaysbeliever , not only do I share more of my personal story through #GoDoDly and with guests, there’s lots more when it comes to self-love and worth.

(¡Y en español!)

Listen to today’s episode for more details as I dive in deep six things to prioritize and listen to my mantra down below.

I am the most powerful I have ever been.

I am walking into the wealthiest and healthiest version of myself.

Everything I desire is here.Because everything I desire is already mine.

I accept myself completely, here and now. & consciously experience everything I feel,think, say and do as a necessary part of my awakening.

Everything I touch turns into financial abundance.

I’m in my best possible timeline.


What do you tell yourself every day?

Cheering you on, because you are worthy, you are enough, you are loved.

Thank you for listing, reading, loving, commenting, sharing and being.


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