Ariadna Arredondo,  Motivational Monday

I don’t chase. I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me.


A path of self-healing and a whole lot of self-loving means a whole of digging deep and working with your inner demons.

And one of them is to be completely aware of your resting and recovering time. In a world where we need to continue moving, do a millions things in a day and always producing something….

It can be real misleading when all your body, mind and soul needs is to rest and take slow down.


Ego is all about “I could be doing xyz, I could be making money this way, I have ideas, I can be talking to friends, I can be driving to that event that’s super far away and still make it home by dinner time …” so on and so forth!

Where in reality, your heart is saying “Stop, rest, you are creative and want to start new projects yet right now you need to slow down and recover.”

“…Your mind, your body and your soul is meant to be at peace and that means RESTING.”

For a day, for a week, for a month or whatever time needed.


Not because you are lazy, but because you are getting aligned and need a piece of you to catch up, get the energy needed for what’s to come and take what you just learned in.

We don’t talk about this enough. Because could I have a course out? Could I be writing my book more? Could I be filming more?

Yes! What about my soul? Is it properly healing? Is it ready for an upbeat schedule?


I know my isn’t. Hence why slowing down and realizing that THIS IS PART OF MY JOURNEY.

And I’m accepting it full force. Sometimes it’s difficult, I’m an Aries after all and I love my job, I know that my soul will thank me.


Slowing down to recover my mind, body and mental health. One step at a time. One heartbeat at a time.

Are you making rest part of your journey?


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