Motivational Monday

I love how I don’t care anymore. In a peaceful way, letting go and sparkling even brighter.


When was the last time you’ve let go? Tis’ the season and time of year, December is at our door!

There’s a whole new world the moment you release and surrender.

The same way that Lorelai Gilmore said: “I believe when I lived through something 5,000 times, it’s time to move on!” And even … “Sometimes you are holding on to something too tight that what you really need to do is surrender.”


So, try not do repeat the process 5,000 times but then again… do whatever you need to do to make sure that you’re healing, living, moving onward with soul and grace.

Because I sure must say; once you put your last book on the bookshelf, it’s time to move on and get ready, open that brand new book of yours, it’s filled of adventures and higher plains waiting just for you.


PS: Go find a place where you’re at peace the most, where you can roam and be free; that always helps! You know mines the beach! 🌊

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