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Hi Team Flyer!

You asked for it and here it is! We have been talking through social media about gym life and a solid workout routine. Here I am telling you a hint about my classes and giving you a whole lot of self-love!

Since finding out I’ve got hypothyroidism, my whole fitness life was shook. Like totally, shook. Because where I was focusing on H.I.T.T exercises, training to run and all my dancing as a way to get fit and stay healthy, it turned out that it wasn’t good for me at all. I was driving my hormones crazy, a total dance party if you will.

After getting the right medicine and work out, my health can feel it and it does look a lot better. What I do in my gym life world anyone can do. It is not strictly because of what I have. It is at a slower pace than I would like to, however I am building up to faster and stronger as we speak.

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How many times a week?

Let’s be honest, sometimes it is the full seven. I love to move, shake my body and stretch. With or without hypothyroidism, moving every single day is needed for all of us. At least 30 minutes. So, yes there are times where I go every day and on my “off days”, I just walk on the treadmill, ride the bike and go on the stair machine. Even if it is just 30 minutes to an hour. (I usually push for 45 to an hour and a half, pending on how much I need to rest too.)

Now, that aside, classes, I usually go 4 times a week. I have also made my body a priority. Since I wanted to take it seriously, thanks to the gym and personal trainers, we have come up with an ideal way to maintain the balance and work on set skills.

Truthfully, the days have changed. Originally it was like Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Now it is classes from Monday to Thursday and Friday (and some weekends) are just training days. The days I have class, I am also on the floor. And that can mean anything from stretching, warming up, machine work, weights or just walking.

I also must say I finish my workout with a bit of the sauna and meditation and that is something that totally reels me in to have a better workout.

What classes do you take?

Because I have a gym membership, I have organized my schedule with a trainer and my doctor so it fits with my health issues and what I am able to do. I always ask and research before I start and make a change.

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Pilates: Originally designed by Joseph and Clara Pilates, it focuses on muscle firing patters over and over, challenging the movement by changing the center of gravity and the surface stability. And it is such a work out! I love it! So much that I wish my schedule permits me to go more than once a week. This is truly a blessing because after an hour of this, you can feel it in your core. And even though it looks easy and soft, it is a real workout on your legs and more.

Tabata: Blast flat and strengthen your entire body! 20 seconds of extreme exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times without pause. This one is for my hard cord self. To gain momentum, rhythm and strength all in one. Totally recommend one of these classes once a week.

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Body Pump: This barbell class is also quite a work out, it strengths your entire body! We use the best weight-room exercises here and we do anything from squats, presses, lifts and curls. Any one can join in and we go at our personal pace. An hour of this and I am ready for lots of water and yoga! Totally worth it!

Yoga: I do two types of yoga, a softer one (right after Body Pump) and Vinyasa Yoga. The Candlelight Gentle Yoga is right in the middle of my week and it is all sorts of wonderful. Very smooth Hatha Yoga and it is a pleasure to do it with lower light.

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Vinyasa Yoga is all about breathing. It synchronizes movement with breath, linking with postures into a dynamic practice. Breath is used as constant point of reference for returning to and resting in the present moment. And this one is truly one of my favorites as well. Even though I only go to one class per week, I have done up to three. (a day or two apart!)

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More: I’ve gone to Zumba and Step, both great cardio and lots of fun. I try to schedule them in when I can. My workout routine changes due to the seasons and as I level up too. The days I do yoga, I go hard on the floor and the days I do intense classes, I go easy.

I am not a before picture!

I am me. I have gone through highs and lows and everything in between. I really lost myself and my body for the past 10+ years. Not constantly, not in a row, not now. I know who I am. Yet my body and me have issues. In a world that constantly putting me down, I have dealt with eating disorders, with self harming and lots of negative energy.

I must admit, I am still not okay. I still catch myself giving myself negative vibes about my body. Not to anyone else, because to each their own and I love cheering people on. Just to myself. It’s not much of what I eat since I have come a really long way with that, it is more just that I’ve been putting the work in and the results are not showing as I want them too.

One, I need to be more patience with myself. And two, having hypothyroidism was a real eye opener and learning more about it has helped. I know I need to love myself and my life with words of love.

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And I do know I am not a before and after. Will I get that body that I crave? We will just wait to find out. Will I ever post a before and after? I kinda don’t think so. What I do know is that I have to appreciate where I am today, where I am now, where my body is, because thanks to it, I am here.

So F those before pictures and after… this is your now, this is who you are. You are able to start today with whatever it is you want. And you can go after it. Time, patience and love, my Flyer. I am doing this for me. I know that is certain.

Do I want to go every day?

Nope, not every day. Sometimes, I wish to be a full fitness chick who just loves going day in and day out. I do love going once I am there and I am slowly getting into it. I know I need to be active and let stress flow out that way. My thing is that I went from just going for fun and without a routine to turning it into one for my own good.

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And that is what pushes me. It is for my own good. For my now self and my future self. Because I talk enough about how much I want a fitter body, I am actually doing something for it. And if I don’t go one day? It is okay. It is all okay. I must respect my body and its needs too. I do however see the difference between my body wanting to rest and my brain taking over. And the best thing I can do for myself is make sure that the classes and the workout I go to is something that also gives me pleasure and it’s fun.

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What more do you want to know? I am all ears! Happy to help and hear about you! What do you every day for yourself to better your life? Let’s stay connected and do this thing together! We got you!

The Always Believer

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