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Imagine the best case scenario for every situation.

Your mind will begin to attract solutions.


One of the best signs of your growth is seeing
yourself no longer worried, bothered, or hurt by the things that once used to drain you.

You’re getting better and it feels so good.


Love still remains. When your chest is tight
and your heart feels pain, your body distrusts the world around you.

Even in these moments, love will rise. Healing will keep taking place.


Healing is happening as it is a constant flow and life source.

Grateful that I’ve got some answers today. And for those answers that I don’t have just yet, thankful that I’ve maintained calm and trust the Universe to do it’s thing.

Proud of myself and how far I’ve come, for that I’m reaching for help and how I’m making moves for my mind, body and soul.


Cheers to leaping into greatest unknown: tomorrow.

Cheers to knowing it will all work out.

Cheers to being present.

Cheers to me, you and to it all.


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