An inner look into hypothyroidism

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If you have been following along through social media, you know what is up. Hypothyroidism, for one. This current year, 2019, has brought ups and downs that were way unexpected. (As per usual, right?) So, one of the biggest things this year is exactly that: Hypothyroidism at its finest. Let’s get taking about hypothyroidism treatment, from its symptoms, medication, diet to the feelings.

Treatment wise or medication if you will: usually consists of a daily pill to balance your hormones out. Seems simple, right? Let’ s crack down what hypothyroidism is first! It is located in the thyroid gland, of course, which is located in the base of your neck. It is butterfly-shaped and this hormone travels in your blood to all parts of your body. Now, the beauty behind this gland is that it controls not only your metabolism, it is also hormonal based. Also affecting how fast your heart beats and calorie-burning.

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Some of the symptoms I’ve had are fatigue, inexplicable weight gain and the difficulty loosing it, hair loss, need more rest/sleep than usual, temperature intolerance (I get hotter or colder much faster than anyone I know and fast), mood changes and abnormal menstrual cycles. There is a longer list, such as depression, anxiety, stomach problems among others. Everyone has different symptoms, some more outlined than others and it really differs from person to person.

Diet? Well, we can eat almost everything. We stray away from sugar, getting an overdose of carbs, cruciferous vegetables, soy, gluten, anything fried or processed, getting an excess of fiber, and drinking too much coffee or alcohol. It seems like a dozy, and believe me, I am the one living it. However, we can eat tons more than this list and it is always easy to find anywhere.

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Okay, now that the boring explanation is over, let’s dive in into feelings.

Life with hypothyroidism, has been quite a roller coaster. Since recently finding out about it, it really has changed my life a bit. You see, by the time I found out, I was a wreck. I worked out constantly, I ate healthy, I worked three jobs, I was always on the go, and slightly a bit more a lot more stressed than usual. As I became more and more tired, gained inexplicable weight, more and more anxious and offbeat, I decided to go to the doctor’s. After test and trials, it showed up. Banging down on my door. It barged in, turned on the light and moved in right away.

I became weaker, the weakest. I became moodier, the moodiest. I became sadder, the saddest. I became to gain weight, the heaviest. To the point I got sent home early from work various times, to the point where I had to stop working. This “simple” hormone or lack thereof, had completely taken over my life. My social life disappeared, I had no energy to go grocery shopping and I cried my heart out every day. Not wanting to do a thing, to feel a thing, to get back up.

It really took over my life for a brief moment. A full six months of a moment. Well, to be honest, it probably took over a full ten months… I just didn’t realize it till it was at breaking point, over the edge, wild and about, about to be tipped over…

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I even had to quit two jobs because of it. (and one of them was a dream job!) To then, make a major life change because of it. And that same lack of energy made me not want to do a thing. I went from “Miss. Sociable” to “Miss. Don’t come knocking.” Now, before I get ahead of myself…. you already got a lot to take in and look up even.

Thanks for joining along the adventure! And follow along on social media. Comment down below your experience. I am happy to respond to your questions too!



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