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I’ve called all my power back.

How does the saying go? “I am woman, hear me roar.” – @disneycruella

I’ve called all my power back.


I’m the main character. I know that the lows are breakthroughs that come with lessons that are needed. I’m being redirected and empowered by where and who I am.

Because everything happens for me. And I’m on the right path. Right here and now.


This is to all the times that I’ve called my power back and as a reminder to keep doing so.

Nothing feels better than living your truth and living your life for you.

Because I spoke up, I stood my ground and felt my energy. Calm, fierce and kind.


Cheers to victory, to being alive, to reminding myself of my worth.

For I am grand, I am loved, I am worthy, and I can do it all.

Calling my power back. Riding at dawn.


It gets to happen to me right now.
I am ready to receive.
My dreams are on their way to me at this very moment.


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