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Miami Vibes are my kind of vibes

Hey Team Flyer,

Have you ever been to Miami? Do you feel the need to live the Miami vibes? As I traveled up all over the world, I felt like a superstar every time I said I grew in Miami. Why? Because everyone’s reaction was ” Wow! So lucky! That is a wonderful city!” etc… and of course, singing Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” over and over again.

(I am the first one to play it on my phone every single time I land Miami. So, no need to feel embarrassed.)

To honor this year’s Superbowl and our beautiful Latin vibes, I decided to talk about my home away from home, Miami. We got an a halftime show by Shakira and JLO that is just pure energy, we got a huge community that finally feels represented and so much positive vibes all year long.

Let’s continue. Saying that you grew up in Miami leads to countless questions that go anywhere from Miami Vice to Pitbull, to Calle Ocho to how’s it like having beach-like weather all year long. And most of these references are TV and movie based. Yet sometimes people surprise you with some random historical fact too.

Before I continue I want you to think about where you grew up.

Pictured it? Okay, let’s go!

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How much do you remember? It doesn’t matter how old you currently are, how much did you know about the place you grew up in? Fast-forward to now: Have you gone back to that same place? Still live there? And how is it different?

I am giving you all these questions to see a different perspective. You see, being a kid anywhere is nothing compared to being an adult. Because, believe me, every time I got asked about Miami, it also meant that I got asked about it’s nightlife. And well, at age 7, you can only do so much. See where I am getting at?

Luckily enough, I have a brother who has been living there for as long as I can remember. So, not only do I have the best reason to go back, I got a local that can lead the way.

After traveling the world and moving to Europe, mainly, I knew I always wanted to go back to Miami. Because, come on, I know how cool the city is. I get the vision. And as a party girl myself, Miami had to be seen.

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Fast forward to 2011. That is the first time I went after I left. Just like that I went from being 10 to 23 in the same city. And even if I felt like a decent traveler around Europe, traveling to countries where English was barely existent, Miami was a whole different vibe.

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Miami 2011 felt like a rush. I toured around and did the most typical things. Yet my state of mind wasn’t fully with it. So, it wasn’t the best trip. Fast forward to 2018. Yup, that was the next time I stepped foot on this breathtaking city.

And this time is was quite different. First of all, my mind and body were in a much better place. And second of all, I was ready to live it big.

My brother is a musician. Born and raised and forevermore. He knows his in and outs of the city. Even though he toured me around his gigs in 2011, nothing compared it to 2018. Miami vibes are my kind of vibes. The nightlife reminded me of home, Barcelona.

The people are friendly, loud and full of life. I am able to use both of my languages. And I can be tan all year long. What is there not to love?

There we also quite a few differences in my life. Tons of growth, finally on a holiday and most of all, the ability to spend time with my brother got me over the moon. I met his wife and we hit it off. Nights of Moscow Mule, wines, dines and lots of live music. I again dragged my brother to the touristic spots.

This time making sure I took pictures too. This time more in love with the city, with my family time and with myself. Now, I can actually tell people how is Miami living. I was an adult by then. The locals told me a million inside stories about the city and its history.

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Fast forward to 2019! More changes on my behalf. I went back with a fiance, real soon to be husband. That was also our two week holiday of the year. Right before the move. Yup, we packed up our bags from overseas and instead of going directly home, we decided to spend two weeks in Miami.

First timer for my now-husband, he was in awe, being a New England boy himself. He is wanting to not only vacation here, yet move and enjoy more of this tropical wonderful vibes. And I was more madly in love with Miami vibes and what it brings me.

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Miami 2019 is one to remember. The four of us hung out, drank some of our nights away, hit the local spots and bonded. You see, going back to the original part of my story, the first time I was able to experience Miami again took me 13 years.

My life, you know it, it has had a lot of curve-balls and roller coasters. So these last two trips have been dream come true. This years took us to the Everglades and seeing a baby gator up close, breathtaking beaches, major night outs and a family boat ride through two storms.

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Miami 2019 brought us together as a couple, closer to my roots and I can finally see how lucky I was to grow up in such a cultured and diverse city. It is even on our possible places to move list! Enjoy some of the pictures through the years!

Where are you from? How has it changed? Did you feel the difference when you were a kid VS an adult? Share your story with us! We love to hear from you. If you want to be featured in our of our sections, let us know too!

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