National Night Out: Police style

Hi Team Flyer!

This year I got to participate first hand in the National Night Out. As you and me still need to catch up in moves and such (promise it will come soon), I can still share with you this fun activity.

National Night Out is all about getting the community and the local police department to come together and celebrate. It is truly a fun and innovative way to create relationships between the police department and the neighborhood.

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You can register on their main page, be involved in their campaigns too and participate. National Night Out has a very rich history. The first being in 1984. Reaching over 2.5 million neighbors across 400 communities in 23 States. Nowadays, we have over 38 million neighbors and over 16,000 communities statewide.

My experience was fun! There was tons of free food at the stands from local restaurants. As well as, free gifts, face painting and a bundle of flowers at some other stands. They really pulled out all the stops! I was very pleased to just law-low and people watch rather than get in on all the freebies.

You could also enjoy live music in two different areas. One out in the field, where there was plenty of space to dance to. (as you can see in the picture above!) And another one with the booths, so you can dance and eat at the same time. There were K-9 shows, dunk tanks, bouncy castles and many other fun activities for kiddos. Friendly police officers everywhere, eager to take pictures and answer questions. And it was even dog-friendly, so you were able to see dogs, big and small, absolutely everywhere.

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You even got the chance to hop on a helicopter too! This activity was super interesting too since there was a real-life paramedic to explain to you all the equipment and procedure. The line was usually long yet worth the wait. How many of you can say you have rode on a paramedics helicopter? (even if it was just parked!)

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Because I am a big city girl and this recent change has turned me into a suburbs queen, I was looking forward to this activity. I really had no clue that it was such a big deal nationwide till I gave it a second look. I sure love participating in local events, big or small. And did plenty of that back in Europe. Happily putting my best foot forward and doing the same here. At our new home. Gathering memories and meeting new people.

The reason that this post is here today is because it is #ThankYouThursdays. On the blog, you know you are able to send your thoughts and whatever you are thankful for. And this section comes on on Thursday, obvs.

I am thankful for this event because first of all, it does bring the community together, alongside the police force. It is also a milestone for me. It is my very first town event. I actually had a newfound friend who went too! And even though that was also very exciting for me, we ended not being able to meet up, sadly.

Regardless, my fiance and me cruised around the event joyfully and in awe. This is my partner’s grandfather’s hometown, so he was familiar with a few things. However he was delighted and surprised by the turnout. It was much better than what he originally thought and that is always a wonderful feeling to have. He also does not like events and being in crowded places. (Opposites do attract and that is just the way I like it! Balance is key.)

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I, however, love it crowded. Not super duper crowed, yet enough where there is a lively crowd. I am thankful for this event because it is everything I’ve imagined in my head come to life. It is what the big move was all about. It was a reminder that I am strong and brave. That I made the right choice in moving here. And someway somehow, things are actually just the way they need to be.

So, as we walking into the event with his favorite song playing (Take me home, country roads) and walked out of the event with our song playing (Perfect), it all made sense. It was brief, fun and full of light. A new light, all right. Maybe I can’t just put it in words right now, maybe it just a feeling kind of vibe, yet I can say that I am thankful that my fiance and me got a chance to see this event come to life.

What are you thankful today? Right now, right this instant? Write it down below, we love to see you all involved in ThankYouThursdays.

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