NEXTonSCENE Fall Cocktail Bash

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On September 25th, we had the amazing opportunity to go Jackie’s event. Officially called: NEXTonSCENE presents Your guide to a better lifestyle. This event was filled with great stands, lots of like-minded business people and an endless source of great vibes.

What a way to to start Fall! Getting to know a more about the community up close, rocking music and cocktails? Come on!

Jackie Zuckerman, who we interviewed last week, is the mastermind behind this important show. Why so important? The ability to bring together people from local business all in one room, just on its own, is extremely important. Specially nowadays! The love she has for these business to grow is outstanding and everlasting. Throughout this event, there were lawyers (Delory Law), (incredible!) wearable tech socks (Voxx Life Sox) house decor (Homespun Decorative Design), to The Women’s Hub, an incredible organization all about women supporting women.

Jackie, the amazing host and organizer! More on Instagram.

As I glided through the stands, I found myself immersed in an upbeat friendly vibe. I talked to as many of the stands possible, all of them giving out some good munchies or swag of their own. One of my favorite parts of the night is getting together with outstanding people.

For example, Style by Liv, where she redefines fashion to its finest. This friendship is six year on the making. At last, we met! It is extremely incredible to see our dreams come true throughout the years. If you are looking for fashion and wellness tips, she is your girl. Currently in nursing school, she is maintained her page and the love she has for a better world, no matter what. She has been our Team Flyer Picks for ages, for all the right reasons.

Liv from Style by Live. More on Instagram.
More on Instagram.

Which I must include were a total plus on their own. These three designers have outstanding fashion and reasons why their lines should be better kwown. SGT.SPD who are overcoming their own personal family struggles while sharing their story and helping military families. Befree,llc who are working hard to make a change in the lives of disabled, all empowered by their own personal story. And The Trendy Girl, where you can find the latest fashion at your fingertips. They ship to all 50 states!

More examples of this exciting get-together is meeting Julie Costa, the mastermind behind The Sweat Republic. We can name her part of the Team Flyer already! We both agree on two major things: community over competition and we all have a story to tell. She has quite an interesting story to tell. If you want to feel powerful and fit, she is the one to go to! We sparked online only a couple days before the event. As soon as we met, it felt like a perfect click. She was the emcee of the night and she rocked it!

Julie Costa. More on Instagram.

This is why Jackie’s NEXTonSCENE event is more than worth it. Bringing people from all places together to create community, support and all the love in the world. Another couple of empowering women I must add is DJ Julee. She totally amazed the dance floor and the whole event. This Latin lover from Brazil goes above and beyond when it comes to dishing out the best kind of tunes for a party. Ages of experience, a few hardships in between and plenty of love to give. Give her music a play and a yes!

DJ Julee. More on Instagram.

And Julia Alpern, who runs her own media production company. We met thanks to her wanting to interview me for the event. And from the moment she asked, it was as easy as saying “cheese”! It was just such a pleasure getting to know another businesswoman going after what she wants.

Lastly, another team I want to share is Royal Horizon Media. They are the sweetest, most upbeat and professional human beings. We got introduced right away, leading into lovely conversations about photography and connecting. As well as what the events like these mean to us. Influencers, campaign managing and more! The best thing about them is they really know the in and outs of the social media and business. Watching them work the event made me smile though and through. If you have known me long enough, you know that I’ve got tons of experience in the area. So, whoever I recommend is my honest wholeheartedly opinion. They really did a wonderful job.

Royal Horizon Media and Julie Acosta
Chelsea from Royal Horizon Media. More on Instagram.

And if all this wasn’t enough, we were able to raise 266$ to Cape Ann Animal Rescue. Five percent of every ticket went to them! This is where Hershey, the NEXTonSCENE official mascot, a.k.a Jackie’s pet is from. Rescue animals: adopt, adopt, adopt.

More shoutouts: Destinations Found, Endurance Pilates, Jessica Miller, Anne Marie for Life in Balance Ayruveda, Erica Gianoulis, Stephanie Kim, South Lake Gifts. And a lot more! Check out the magazine too!

This Fall Cocktail Bash had it all. Jackie, you always reach higher and go the extra mile. Your cheerfulness and spark is more than appreciated and welcomed. Your drive to make the world a better place is sensational. Our instant hug and good feel vibes is one to be remembered. Welcome to the Team Flyer family. We are always here to support and give you all the love in the world.

Let us know about an event that rocked your world. Want to know more about #GoDoFly? Be our guest and click the whole line to find out more! We would love to hear your voice. We are all one.

More on Instagram

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These next pictures were all taken by Royal Horizon Media. If you want to know more about them, click here.

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