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Normalize talking highly about yourself.

No matter who’s around you or what’s around you, you are your biggest cheerleader and supporter.

Talk to yourself daily with love, appreciation, and kindness. You go through so much, via mind, body and soul. See the beauty within you.


It’s hard, it’s challenging, it’s an uphill battle because even seconds before writing this … I had been harsh on myself.

A bit under the weather and I gave out a Christmas gift instead of the mail I really had to give out. And I felt so incredibly bad and upset with myself. So much that I talked down to myself quite bad.

And it wasn’t even a big deal, so what you gave a present a month early … it’s not the end of the world.


So this is a reminder to speak highly of yourself, to tell yourself beautiful mantras every day, powerful words, loving praises because it’s up to us and only us who we choose to be.

As the leaves change and Winter comes, let us remember that we are forever changing and growing too. Mistakes and all, let us be our own biggest best friend and real place we call home.


What’s a daily positive mantra you tell yourself?


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