Motivational Monday

Small habits. Huge magical changes.

It starts with a small habit to turn your life into the most enchanted one.

From what you read, where you work out, what you watch, how you spend time connecting with your loved ones, how you dress, what you are eat … and much more than this!

The way you talk to yourself, the way you make yourself feel, the way you take that extra time to pamper yourself, the way you wake up and go to bed … and more!

The people who have access to you and your energy, the places you go, the adventures you choose and so on…


All these (and more!) put together make you, YOU. And as you modify the small habits, you’ll see with time and patience, you’ll turn your dreams into reality.

For me, it starts within. And after last year and all that it brought, I started talking to myself much kinder.

I started seeing myself with a loving heart and open mind. I felt every curve and every pound and started falling in love with myself all over again.


As well as returning to read lots lots more, because once a reader, always a reader, dedicating more time for myself and actively connecting to my community.

What about you? What small habits are you changing to help you make your dreams come true?



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