#TruthTuesdays,  Ariadna Arredondo,  Motivational Monday

Sometimes you can’t see the rainbow just yet …

And that means you need to stand in the rain and scream.

Let all your emotions leave your body and soul. Let all that built up tension and release it.

Lately, I’ve been feeling all the feels. Sad, frazzled, hopeful and blessed too.

From past trauma, ongoing living tensions, being everyone’s go-to, looking after littles, healing daily to everything else in between.

And oh yeah, building companies while at it. Shop coming soon, designs are happening. Big changes are aligned for next year too. Behind the scenes will all make sense. Thank you for always being there.

And all of my feelings have caused me to cry, cry a lot, a lot, a lot. They’ve allowed me to cleanse, get offline, change rituals, being still and rest even more.

Taking time for what’s most important: me. My inner growth, my inner child, my frequency, my health, my time and my heart.

We are all feeling it. We are seeing people’s truest colors. We are really realizing what our heart really wants and desires.

And whether some people are more awake than others, the main thing is to know where you stand and know your truth.

As for me, learning how strong I am. Learning to own my confidence and stand my ground. Learning to listen to my power and stand tall.

Let go do whatever it is that the past made You believe. That is, no more. What is, is what you do today. To heal your heart, mind and soul.

What are you doing for yourself today?

How do you feel?

Remember: energy attracts energy and its time to keep those vibrations high. Manifest those dreams, listen to your heart and deep breathes.

The Rainbow will appear as long as you allow space for it.

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