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Spooky October Goals

Hi Team Flyer!

Here we are in October! Hello 2019? Where did you go? We got less than 90 days left of this wonderful year. And even if it hasn’t been the best for you, we are still able to turn it around. And guess what? We are going to work smarter and push our own limits. Why? Because these October Goals aren’t going to spook us!

It can seem a bit frighting at times. You can really think that you need to see the whole result right away. Well, I am here to tell you no! Nope! All you got to do is take the first step, take the first leap, jump up and take it. Yup, that is all.

Start with one push-up. Start with one business plan. Start with one way to tackle that loan. Start with one apple. Start with one. One. And that one will lead to 90 in a heartbeat. Well, not that fast yet they will add up. Hold yourself accountable. Write the times you have completed your goals. Right after doing so! Give yourself weekly or daily routines for you to accomplish.

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See, it doesn’t seem so spooky now, does it? We all have our phones, we all have a notepad. Write it down there if needed to. If it is healthier eating, write down the list before you go the store so you don’t get any extra. Specially with Halloween peeking at the corner.

If it is your business plan, go online and get information. Write it down and take it from there. Research first. If it is saving money, see what costs you can cut down and lean towards eating and drinking at home. If it is working out, start with that one pushup, get a YouTube video, do what you can at home and then take it from there.

Summer lessons still present, the best way for me to transfer into a new season is to write it all down. Take that physical notepad and dive in. I write what I want like if I already had it. I write down goals and dreams. Big and small. All dear to my heart.

October goals are just as spooky and hellish sounding as any other month. What is so special about them is that they got a 90 day block that goes with them. We can conquer the rest of the year thanks to this month. And it just starts today. This month. Right now.

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My Spooky Not So Spooky October Goals

  1. I will speak to myself in a more loving way, every chance I get.
  2. I will continue to eat as healthy as I can. This includes as little to no alcohol and coffee as possible as well as have a general better nutrition all around.
  3. I will write more, write about my dreams, goals, life and own story.
  4. I will continue to work out every chance I get. This includes daily walks, gym, yoga and meditation.
  5. I will continue to be grateful and let myself soak up all the experiences around me more and more.
  6. I will give myself more credit. I will work with myself to understand my life path and know that what I have in my life is because I deserve it and work hard towards it. I am loved.
  7. I will create new, useful, fun and honest content for the page.
  8. I will work on the page to the best of my abilities. I will stay organized and hit the right marks.
  9. I will learn how to have fun. I will learn how to have fun in my current new life and how I can make my own self happy.
  10. I will stay up to date with family and friends, all while still putting myself first.

Now, this list is quite a list. Most of these things, if not all, take time, beyond this month. And that is the beauty of it. Your list can just deal with things for this month, that step forward you need. My life is both about the bigger picture and the daily steps. I am going to hold myself to this list. It is here in plain site. Because I rather be honest to myself and to you. I rather know what I am capable in life right now, plus see where else I can grow and expand.

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What are your (not-so) Spooky October Goals? What is something that scares you a bit yet you are willing to take a leap for? We are always happy to hear your goals and thoughts.

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