Hello dear World Creator,
We present to you the #GoDoFly movement. It is all about encouraging yourself, getting on track, making changes in your life to fulfill your dreams. It is also about helping others, telling the people you love and our fellow community to #GoDoFly.
This movement is to help people who need to hear the message loud and proud. #GoDoFly! To stand up for yourself, to be your own hero, to work hard for your goals,to be yourself and many more things people need to hear. We participate with real stories around the world, telling tales of rough paths and big journeys. 
From opening your own business, to coming out, to overcoming an accident, to moving abroad, anything and everything is a story meant to be share. 
We want the world to know that it is important to #GoDoFly.
Go out and live your dreams
Do whatever you need to get you there.
Fly and fly high.
If you know any interesting story about overcoming rough times, positive acts and cheerful events, feel free to let us know.
Tell us a bit of your back story, add an amazing picture of you or how you represent yourself and we will get back to you with more details.

Write to us at: godofly@thealwaysbeliever.com

Remember, #GoDoFly. You got the power to pursue your goals. You got the power to reach higher. It is within you.
Let’s do this, Team Flyer!
The Always Believer


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