Hello Team Flyer!

We often toss words around here and there and all over the place.Words that have lost some of its real meaning. Words such as ¨Sorry¨ in this case.

We say ¨Sorry¨ way too many times.  Like all those little things, we don´t need to say that we are sorry for them, we are just being us and that means that people accept us the way we are…. Stop apologizing for being who you are.

What are you #sorrynotsorry about?

What is on your list? Share it with us!

Let’s help each other break out of our shell, one less sorry at a time….

Send us an email to:

ariadna@thealwaysbeliever.com  with the subject line #sorrynotsorry

And we will get back to you shortly!

Spread the love and keep believing,

The Always Believer

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