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Still into you.

Working on myself, my journey and my health. All in order to a better version of myself and serve the world with the gifts The Universe has given me.

This means a lot of yoga, meditation, reading, shadow work, inner work, chakras, crying, darling, getting back up, therapy, disconnect, cards, crystals, inner child healing and feeling comfortable with uncomfortable. Because that is growth, that is strength and that is courage.

This also means being honest with myself, in this moment, and in everyone of them. This also means being who I am. Today, and everything.

And accept who I am today. Even if I don’t like every part of myself, I know I have the power to change it, love it and be.

Surrounding myself with positive people much like yourself and doing more every day to be in alignment with myself.

That’s all I can change. That’s all I can do.

Thank you for asking and for being there. Thank you for shining through and checking in.

I’ve got ideas in the works for merch and more with a positive messages and lots of spark. Any takers? Drop that 🌈 down below.

Personal Motivators: @kristinazias @glennondoyle @thebirdspapaya @mamabee @raeannlangas @natkelley among many others


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