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Summer lessons!

Hi Team Flyer!

How is the start of Fall going for you? Just a few days in and we are still soaking up Summer sun and heat. Even though we had a huge temperature drop a couple weeks ago, (and we said hello to Fall clothes!) we are back at it with heat just a bit longer. (And loving it!) Enough about the weather, let’s dive into the good stuff.

It has been three months since we moved here. This world of change. I do declare it, 360 change, for those you last recall our debate. It feels familiar yet new enough to feel out of my element. You see, I do love this state and lived here just two years, however, I’m still learning my ways and paths as I go. Summer taught me a lot, put me through a lot, leading me to a much clearer path in Fall.

From Summer to Fall! The lack of being independent, as in here we have to take car everywhere, is huge. Having a car is a must. We know that in this country. I come from Europe, where we walk everywhere. We also live in the suburbs, where distances are huge. We also live in the North, where the Winter is hard. We are currently getting my husband’s driving license and mine will be left for next year. As far as getting a car, we will also take a few months since we got other priorities to handle first.

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This road (ha!pun!) has been difficult for me. One of the most, actually. We went from buzzing city life to smooth suburbia, meaning that I used to walk everywhere (everywhere!), be able to get across the city in a beat, see new things and have a very active social life. (For those who know me, I sure do love going out!)And yes, there is peace and quiet which is what I needed the most. Also means there is also not much to do. Summer was interesting enough since I was able to walk outside for hours on end, around in circles, around town, nevertheless outside.

Fall is a different bird. Luckily we do live about a 17 minute walk to the gym and a few stores. We started the gym and back to it. I go on a daily basis. Due to my hypothyroidism, loosing weight takes longer. And due to this year, it has been off the charts! On top of that we add that since I no longer walk anywhere, because I can’t really, I have to keep up with my usual schedule. (as in walking as much as I usually did and then add some more training.) Thankfully,life has brought be to a path where I can be in the gym for a few hours.

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Another thing that has got me sentimental is my friends. I am friend sick. Not so much home sick, Spain is great and all, still… I was so ready for this adventure here! I miss my friends with all I’ve got. It just one of my closest friends 30th birthday, who also got engaged a month after moving and I might not even be able to make to her wedding. I knew this was coming, I knew that events were going to be missed both ways and of course, our friendship will stand strong. Much like I tell the world, I know in three month’s time I will in a much better place. I am right now with myself and these are the feelings I feel. I am acknowledging them and taking care of them. And right now is… crying about every single day. Or just about.

A tad bit to do with hormones or lack of balance thereof, (thank you, hypo.) it is also because those friends are my family. And well, I get teary every single time. Yes, three months after. We hung out weekly, we showed up, we still do of course. It is just adapting. Another way of adapting to this new life, new light, new kind of Fall.

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Adapting to new family! We also have been married for a month which feels extremely fast. We talk and plan our present and future on a constant and things are shaping towards the path we want. It also feels slow. Because even though I have tons of patience when it comes to kids and friends, I have a lack of it when it comes to achieving things. (personal things, just for me, I want it all fast because I really want it.) Living with a new family, with a husband (we did live together before married, now we just share the same last name) all leads to novelties and tons tons tons of thoughts.

Lastly, Summer lead to Fall… I am still figuring out how to relax, (never-done before for me!), how to live calmer (no more buzzing city!), how to take more time for myself, how to make me happy at this moment, how to live this new life. I know fantastic things are coming, it all takes time. For now, I just want to feel what I am feeling.

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I made our house more homey for us. Vision boards, pictures up, scrapbooks done and tons of little details all around. It takes one step forward. Thank you for tuning in and finding out how I still struggle three months in. Big. All I can do now is to take it easy and let time take care of it. All I can do is go to the gym, read, write and do something for me and my health care, metal and physical, every single day. How about you?

Are you currently struggling with something? A big change? What lessons did you learn this Summer?

Spread the love, Flyer.

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