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Sweet Summer

Hi Team Flyer!

It has been a hot minute,has it? From Winter Land to Sweet Summer. This long paused break was brought to you by health issues, a humongous life change, a 180° or 360° move (pending how you look at it), a proposal and that is it. Believe me, if you have been following along through social media, these changes were constant, pre-meditated, necessary, full of emotions and insanely fascinating.

So, where to begin?

Health issues: Hypothyroidism. Something that I will be writing about in a more detailed manner and posting soon. The summary would be that it is hormonal based that also messes with my health. I hit rock bottom this year! Even when I thought I was doing everything right, I actually was making it worse. It taught to re-arrange my life around and get to the root of the issue. That a whole whole and I do mean a whole self-love.

This is part of my monumental life change. More total life change?

This Flyer got engaged! Yup! (adding fireworks and Disney castle background here!) I got engaged to my best friend. He proposed in the most romantic and out of the blue kind of way. (Even though he spent 2 months planning it!) I will be sure to share the story and add pictures galore. This very significant and special life change is my favorite. Still without words and more in love every day.

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What else? The move! Oh the move!

I left home to go back home. I grew up in two continents that I know pretty well. (America, from North to South, and Europe) And well, after many years living in one, I went back to the other one. (not where it all started, because I am first of all, latina!) And this is where it can be a a 180° or 360° move. Let’s explain why:

A 180° move: Because I know the States, I was a kid when I lived here. I happened to go back to the last State I lived in. Thanks to the romantic story of how and my fiance met. (to be told in another post!) So, do I know my surroundings? Yes. To some extent. Last time I lived in the States I was 14… it has been 16 years. Plus, much like I always say: You don’t really know a country when you are a kid. And if that wasn’t enough, we moved in with my fiance’s family. They are such a blessing and coming from a not so close together family to one that is, is well, breathtaking and takes some time to get used to. So… to be honest, (almost) everything feels brand new. Going from a crowded city to the small suburbs, new town, new faces to meet, new friends to make, new schedule and pending on a car than my own two feet. Plus, part of me will always be European. My Ohana is there. Hence a 180° move.

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A 360° move: Because my heart always belonged to this State and to this family. My heart always wanted to go back to where I started. Sure, not exactly where I started nor where I spent the most amount of years in USA. However, it always wanted to go back to where it the happiest. And this was it. I made my happy home in buzzing Europe. It took me 10 years and countless moves within Europe to finally met my kind of people. Over the past five years I formed a group of friends who are family, who are my Ohana. Nonetheless, no matter who I met along the way, they always knew where my heart skipped a beat. One of my favorite movies is The Lion King. You know where I am going with this. Circle of Life. And so, here I am back again. My first best friend in the whole world, we met when we were 12 years old… Our bond grew strong, no matter where life took us. A few years ago she introduced me to her cousin. He is now my fiance. And here we are. Back again. 360.

So, this whale of a change and this whale of a tale… led to moving to a new continent, taking a long break from work due to health reasons, getting engaged and learning how to love myself even more. Hence, why … well, we haven’t seen each other in this writing hemisphere for a while…

New posts on new adventures, feelings, motivation and stories that still need to be unfolded to come. Meanwhile, I am always active on social media. Hit us up! Let me know if you think it is a a 180° or 360° move!


PS: This post was written a few weeks ago, however posted on September 3rd, 2019. There are more recent updates coming your way soon. Keep checking our social media for more!


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