#ThankYouThursdays,  Ariadna Arredondo

Thank You, Team Flyer

Thank you.


This right here, this moment right now. This is life. It is all that is happening, it is its ups and downs, it is the way things fall, the way things roll, the way we create our own paths. This, right here, right now, it is life at its finest. When was the last time you slowed down to be thankful?

And I want to show you the power of being thankful.

By now, you know me quite well, you know me well enough to know I have been out and about. I have been doing my best to keep going, I have been there and done all that. You know me well enough to know that I continue to dream, be creative and giving you the best of me. I’ve always been able to communicate with you whatever has been going on, no matter how dark or light it is.

As I appreciate all that life has given me, as I feel the love around me, as I want to make my world grow, I stand before you writing the following words:

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for your wise words.

Thank you for tuning in.

Thank you for being there all along.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you for your love.

Because you presence makes this journey together even more worth it. I am forever thankful for those who have been with me since day one and those who just started now. Together we are a community of goal-getters and sparkle-makers. Together we grow into a better version of ourselves. We are honest in this safe space. We learn from one another. We make connections that we hold dear. Each and every one of you make all this possible. And for this, I am thankful. Today, this week and every single week more. Feeling extremely lucky to have met you, connected and grown into this friendship.

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I am also thankful for my Ohana, blood related or not. These are the people who lift me up even higher no matter how far I fall down. These people are my rock, my gold star and my wings. Throughout the years I’ve made an extraordinary group of friends who I can family. They’ve made me the luckiest human in this world. To be able to talk to them, be supported by them and be loved unconditionally. I am forever grateful. For that with them, my life is full of love, light and honesty. As well an endless ray of support.

To them, to my family and to my newfound family. I got married this year and let me tell you now, it is being the sweetest, most amazing ride I’ve ever been on. I am grateful for my balance, my husband and his family. They bring be so much joy and new kind of energy and balance. Oh and the journey I am on with him is oh so extraordinary.

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Thank you, myself. Me, myself and I. I love you, every inch, every fall and every thought. I am thankful to myself. The fact that I bring the whole darn table, the fact that I am able to get up every single time, the fact that I am willing to learn lessons every chance I get. I take leaps, I take chances, I make the change happen. I thrive in knowing that today I did better than yesterday, for myself. I am my only biggest competitor. And there are days that I treat myself like the world’s worst person and I am sorry. I am learning to treat you even kinder, nicer and with a lot more of love. You are me and I am you. Thank you, mind, body and soul. To another year around the sun, grateful and graceful.

Now, I was once on a darker loner kind of path thinking that there was no more hope for me at all. I really thought I wouldn’t reach this point of my life. So, this one also goes out to those who feel, lost, scared, confused or just not so great … Remember, you are stronger than you know, wiser thank you think and you got more energy than you give yourself recognition for. You are capable of doing amazing things that will bring out your true colors and happiness.

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People are thankful to have you in their lives. We make our own path, our own future. Keep on going, keep learning, keep believing, keep on growing and keep loving. We got you. You can find a community in us. Share your story with me. I am here to listen too! Share it with us, the deep one through #GoDoFly, the realness of one through #TruthTuesdays, the thankful one though #thankyouthursdays and the non apologetic one through #sorrynotsorry


With gratitude comes growth, with gratitude comes new beginnings, with gratitude comes joy… by being grateful for what you have, you are allowing yourself to achieve more. You are letting the Universe know that you are ready for more, you appreciate all your lessons and are willing to spread the love. Being thankful for what you have all year long is a huge life achievement. It only helps you. And that is the best place to start.

Start each day by writing down three things you are thankful for. Put it in a jar. Read at the end of the year or any time you feel like you are loosing hope. Once again, thank you, Team Flyer, you are simply the best.


The Always Believer

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