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Welcome to The Always Believer Podcast

Dear Team Flyer!

You are such a wonderful community! You have lifted me up when times are hard and made me feel as light as feather. You have come together and brought along incredible stories with you! And for this, I thank you. I thank you endlessly.

Thanks to each and every one of you, we are able to present this amazing opportunity.

The podcast! It is real and it is coming!

It is out on January 15th!

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This podcast is all about our community and what we have created!

The Always Believer brings real stories together, while lining up mind, body and soul wellness. We have tips, tricks, laughs and cries. We are a sum of tons of real moments, real people and we are all wanting to make this world a better place. Starting with us.

I’ve been real with you all along. From my eating disorder, to being abused, to my current life updates. Including getting married, moving continents and creating this whole thing from scratch. I’ve been wanting to expand into other deeper levels of real talks for a while. And this is it! I wanted to get even closer to you, listen to your stories with your own words and get this community together even more.

As I discovered more of myself the last few months, (and years!) I’ve gotten a clearer idea of who I am and what is my truth. I have gotten to know myself in all shades as well continue to grow regardless of what gets thrown my way. I’ve been sharing this with you through writing for years. And due to the recent clean up and reorganizing of the page, we just got the new stories. Let’s hear the backbone of the story.

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Not only my personal experiences, my vulnerable side, my chaotic side, my Disney side, everything. This also includes your stories. Your stories that we have shared through #GoDoFly and beyond. This podcast is all about bringing this together, lift each other higher and fly off to live our greatest life. With this podcast, we are going to talk about mind, body and soul wellness. We will have guest stars. We will have an exclusive Facebook group. We will share laugh and tears of joy and honesty.

What is included in the Facebook Group?

  • A bigger sense of community
  • Tarot (group) readings, once a week
  • Tips on meditation and spirituality
  • Lives where I lead meditations
  • A safe place to talk more about deeper feelings and thoughts
  • A monthly giveaway to have a personal 20 minute chat with me
  • A special inside peek of what is coming next on the blog
  • A more up-close way to talk to me and get tarot and coaching and more appointments
  • More exclusive content!

How much for this exclusive content?

  • Only 25 dollars a month.

Oh my gosh, where and how do I sign up?

Click on this link here to subscribe:

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Welcome to this new journey and this way of being up close and personal! I’m excited to talk to you all and share magical stories.

Here’s to us!

The Always Believer


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