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The train is coming

Hey Team Flyer!

Did you know a new train is coming? Did you hear the news?

Therefore, I am building the train tracks before the train because I know there will be a train coming ahead.

Okay, let me be a bit more specific to this metaphor.

Currently in my life, the key word is adaption. And within the word adaption, there is the lesson of learning how to say no and loving myself even more. Adaption to a brand new life. We have already established this. We have already talked about this. A new life and all its aspects. Moving to a new continent, marriage, family life, starting over with friends, dealing with health issues and new colder weather all in one. That’s all. (she says sarcastically!)

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Let’s focus on health issues: hypothyroidism. This has a bit of everything. First of all, I am off balance. Adapting to this new health issue while moving meant that the medication is off balance. Between the moves and life, we had to figure out what is the best way to get my health under control. Meaning new doctor’s and time waiting period for doing so. Meanwhile, what I always had under my control is officially not under my control. And that blows. Completely.

And if you know, I rather be taking things head on that just lingering around waiting for things to happen. Not only that, I rather be myself and keep going. In other words, I don’t want hypothyroidism define me. I am all about standing back up and doing. Moving from here to there, adapting, getting back up again, learning, letting go and going once again.

Hypothyroidism and all it’s symptoms has stopped me completely. Least that is what it feels like. Because I can’t work out the way I want to, because I need to sleep more than I want to, because I am not able to work all the hours I want, because no matter how healthy I eat, it still all takes so much time. Now, these are all frustrations. These are all things that tick me off, things that I need to vent and let go off. So, it is all good that I get those feelings out and out.

Now, being away from friends means a lot of things. Not only missing celebrations and life moments. It also means having your support system farther. Much farther. Whereas whenever I used to feel this way back home, I would get together with one of my girlfriends and talk it out. They remind me of who I am, how I was doing and what life was really all about. It was almost instant. We all know we need people to feel better.

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Between that, social activity and lots of hugs, I got better faster. And here, well, while do have internet and messaging over and over again, in any way imaginable, there are a few cons too. Add the time difference and the fact that talking to a device rather than a person, it just really doesn’t feel as fast nor as close. Yes, it gets the job done and yes, I rather be talking to them through it all than not. We must admit that the effect takes longer, no doubt. Hence why time difference affects me too.

I know there is a solution in the future, in other words, new friends as I set my new lifestyle too. (All while maintaining the ones I have too, of course!) Meanwhile… here we are. Breakthrough and all. My conclusion to the metaphor is that since I know that train of new projects are coming my way, whether they may be as building my company, becoming a mom, owing our first place, getting a car, etc… I can build the track now.

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I am resting when my body needs it. I am giving it time and love that it needs. I am allowing myself to listen to my body and add routines to establish a healthier lifestyle. So when the train comes, I can be stronger and healthier in the future.

I am giving myself time to vent and feel what I am feeling about being homesick, paperwork and other things that are out of my control. I can control my feelings and the ability of letting go of things. So when the train comes, I can be lighter and feeling more free in the future.

I am giving myself a period of adaption. A period where I can allow myself to grow, to learn about my new surroundings and finding a place where I can equally feel safe and thrive. So when the train comes, I have come one with my new nature. And I can focus on bigger projects.

The train is coming! For you, it might be graduating, dealing with the loss of someone close, moving, starting a new family, facing a new challenge, learning a new skill, etc. What are you doing today that will help you in the future? What tracks are you planting down?

There is always a train coming and there is always something we can work on to establish well-grounded pillars.


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