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This right here is the essence of me.

Manifest that shit and live it up.

If there is one thing we have learned this year is that there is always room to grow, prosper, imagine and to even let go.

Magic is you and magic is me and magic is this whole damn year.

You see, as soon as January hit, I’ve already listed the top ten things I wanted to manifest this year and done a vision board for 2020.

2020 could have come with a warning sign some may say, but in reality, life doesn’t come with one.

The biggest difference is that for once, in a very long time, the whole world was experiencing the same thing.

And not only was it chaotic, it also led us to be inside a whole lot. That also meant we had to be with ourselves. And that my friends, is a hard task for most.

Including myself. I’ve cried so much this year, I’ve let go, I’ve stood up for myself and I even realized a bit more who my true friends are.

This year was one of my toughest. Yes, the ongoing pandemic had something to do with it. For the most part it was realizing who I am and who I am meant to be.

Including learning to take a step back from work, taking back my power and saying goodbye to every toxic relationship.

And that shit is hard. It causes anxiety, depression, confusion, mental breakdowns and more.

And that is a good thing. Because through that I grew, I learn, I feel and I heal.

If that wasn’t enough, I built a new brand,landed my dream job, opened my new shop and even three new podcasts.

Going back to Manifest that Shit vibes, the magic is within you. Envision yourself, learn to know your goals, love yourself and take a freaking break.

Thank you for reading, thank you for loving,


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