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To Always Believe

Hello dear reader,

How are you feeling today?

Here I am, sitting in front of this computer screen thinking about my current changes. Something as simple as moving to another city, working another job to something as complex as packing up again and moving forward leaving more things behind, as usual.

You see, I have traveled a lot throughout my life. ¨How lucky!¨ you would say. And I do consider myself lucky. However, after moving so many times for many reasons as family, work or even getting away from it all, there comes a time that another move is just nothing too special. This one in particular, is letting go of loved ones since they are staying behind as I continue to move my way up this working lader.

So, as that is a brief summary of a world full of travels and changes, here I am looking across this window, sipping some tea and starting to take it all in. Once again.

And as I wonder and as I think, there is only one thing constant in my life. And that is to: Always Believe.

Why, you might ask?

You see, when I was just a young child, an 8-year-old, a 9 year old…something or other, I already knew that there was something better out there for me. It all starting by believing. Believing in those small things called desire,hope,faith,encouragement and of course, confidence. I have always believed that there was something better out there that I can aspire to. When I was a child, all I did was believe. And as I grew older to teenagehood, I not only believed, I did. I moved forward. I achieved.

And now? Well, honey, let me tell you. My life hasn´t always been a road of roses. I had a long distance relationship with everything, from parents to siblings to favorite hobbies even. Even if that worn me down for a while (those teenager years filled with everything you can think of) against the odds, there was and there is something that told me to Always Believe.

To Always Believe in myself, that I can do it, in that I can fulfill my goals, that I can love, that I can achieve something greater every time.

Years after, (and two tattoos later, one on my sister and another on me) Always Believe is still up and kicking. I love to inspire, I love to help and I love let people Always Believe….

To Always Believe in yourself, that you can do it, that you can fulfill my goals, that you can love, that you can achieve something greater every time.

Finally, my dear reader, I hope whoever you are, whenever you are reading this, that you Always Believe… maybe it´s the only thing you will read, I am happy. If this is the start of a long committed relationship, then that makes me happier.

Thanks for Always Believing,

The Always Believer

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