Ariadna Arredondo,  Motivational Monday

What kind of energy do you have in 2022?

Because for me, it’s this one right here.

Pure joy and bliss in every decision I make, in every move I make and in every person I let in.


Through ups and downs and all around, to keep being positive and thankful. To continue being disciplined, self-loving, hopeful and letting my inner child come to life every single day.

To keep pushing myself, speaking kinder to myself and taking bigger leaps for even bigger adventures!


To remember that we’ve all got our issues, remind myself to treat other kindly and realize that we all make mistakes.

To keep going on, keep letting go and keep making room for what’s blissful in my life.

To hug tighter, love stronger and believe till infinity and beyond.


All of me in 2022. Because this is who I want to be: unapologetically, ever-loving, adventurous, blissful me.


It’s in me.


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