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What today felt like:

I am magnificent at releasing expired emotional ties to how I structure my life with people, knowledge, money, friends, nutrition, health of my body, love and time.


The only people who get upset about you setting boundaries are the ones who were benefiting from you having none.


I am not responsible for how people respond to my boundaries. I am responsible for setting and honoring my boundaries.

If my relationships end because I set boundaries, it’s a sign that the foundation was cracked.

In healthy relationships, I can set boundaries without fear of retaliation, cut-ofis, or


Sometimes you just go turn around, give a lil’ smile, throw the march and burn that bridge.


I am worth connections that have spiritual depth, I no longer have to be the strong one, the spiritual one, I have accepted the aligned tribe.

I now know that toxic energy of those close to me are not acclimised by my spiritual relationship with myself and kindness toward them with a swiftness and humility.


My success is prosperous. My everyday attitude is gratitude. And mind full of peace. This is how you stay free.


How about you?

Take your pick, tell me one of yours… cuz it’s being an intense and grateful and abundant and aligned transition.

And like @lizzobeeating said:

About damn time.

Cheers to us.


PS: you know there’s more on @thealwaysbeliever podcast and my @tiktok … thank you for being here.

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