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When you’re grateful for what you have, you attract more of what you want.


And I’m grateful for YOU. Reading, listening to my shows, buying my merch, commenting, liking, sharing and more.

YOU, dear reader and soul, make me so happy. And I’m so thankful.


Thankful for my health, my wealth, my lifestyle and my companies and what they stand for.

Thankful for my resources, home and warmth. Thankful for the opportunities, the guests, the connections, the stories I get to share.

Thankful for the love I feel, the love I receive, the love that I get to spread far and wide. Every single day.

Thankful for my husband, my Binx, my Ohana, my desire to keep going, my resilience, patience, and my bilingual brain and so many more things.


Reach out, ask for help, remember life is a rollercoaster and we all go through moments.

A few hours after this I was crying a whole lot because I felt sad (so so sad!) and that’s okay. It’s okay to feel your feelings.

Feelings are tough and social media is a hazardous place sometimes. Don’t let every smile fool you.

I also go to therapy, I also cry almost every day, I also vent and let go, I also break generational traumas, I also work on myself on a daily basis.

(Even typing this: I’ve made countless spelling mistakes and it’s been frustrating but I just deleted and kept going, just like life!)


As you are thankful, as you write affirmations and do self-care, remember to ask for help. Remember to be real with yourself. Remember that we are all in this together.


I adore you, I am grateful for you. You are loved, you are needed and you deserve the best. Because you are worthy of all the love.

Always remember that.

And if you made it reading this far, tell me what are you thankful for? When was the last time you cried? Just be real.


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