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Who are you?

This is the best question I got asked this week. Above the titles and my ever-growing companies.

Who am I?

Sitting here, with the sun beaming, with Binx cuddled next to me, I am a fairy mermaid.

I am a lover of breakfast foods, a sparkle-maker, a go-getter, a bilingual witch, a fiery dancer, a lover of the sea, an animal lover, an energy seeker, a deep feeler, a positive outcome believer, a loyal Lioness, a woman who grows, learns, and loves passionately and whole-heartly.

Love this question as it changes with me and within myself.

Who are you?

You know, when no one is watching…when the sun shines through your soul, when the energy flows through you, when the moon fills your heart…

What is one word or a sentence that you would use to describe yourself?

What speaks to your heart?

What calls out to your soul?

If you please, let me know down below and let’s chat.


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