Motivational Monday,  Spiritual Sundays

You’ll be vibing in a whole new and higher frequency.

Imagine if all the time and effort you are putting on everyone else, you invest it all in yourself.

When I began to love myself, that’s when began said no to the toxic and said yes to the community that lifted me higher.

From jobs, to people – blood related or not, my own beliefs, habits, traditions and more. This meant check-ins, treating myself to the extra fries or extra workout, leading to understanding that whatever I want in this moment is right.


For I am big, I take space, I get to make my decisions, I stand up for what I believe in, I am woman. Hear me roar.

I am powerful because I am the flow, I love myself each day more and more, I’ll take that nap, I’ll play my video games, I’ll hug my stuffed animals, I’ll dance in stores, I’ll be unapologetically myself.

I let go of limiting beliefs and open the flow for all the magic and beauty that is life.


If this resonates, let me know. If it resonates, share. If it resonates, share the love and wisdom.

If it resonates, tell me what are you doing today to make you feel more powerful!


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