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You’re starting to realize your personal power.

You’re getting all the signs and seeing things unfold in your favor.

You might be going through a lot of transformations in your life where your limiting thoughts, negative activities/behaviors, and old ways of doing things are being challenged.

You’re starting to face yourself even more and deal with the core of who you truly are by questioning everything you’ve been taught to believe.

You’re starting to notice yourself growing more and no longer settling.

You want more out of your journey.

You want more out of life.

You want to be real to who you are.

You want to truly feel and really understand yourself.

A lot could be on your mind about what your purpose is and that’s a great place to be in.

In the midst of taking the inner journey, your outer reality experiences some major shifts.

Shifts that are pushing you towards an authentic life doesn’t have room for low vibrational energies that are keeping you stagnant or blind to your true potential.

You might even start being aligned to people and situations that fit your life beautifully.

You find yourself getting stronger and less caught up.

Some might even find themselves being challenged by the shift, because they want to remain the same or stay in the same cycles.

Most pain comes from resisting growth to try to hold on.

Yes, the familiar always seems comfortable, but it’s the journey into the unknown where you discover your soul.

In order to understand yourself, you have to know what you’re made of.

Once we let go and allow instead of thinking we have all the answers, we suddenly find everything making sense.

Just breathe and allow the shift to happen. Be open to what can enter, by releasing what’s holding you back.

Words by: @idillionaire
Binx: @kingpoemyerscreatures@kingpoemyers
Photographer: @theariadnaarredondo and more on @thealwaysbeliever (+ podcast)


Thank you, Universe for the immense gift you gave me today and in general. Today’s news will always live in my heart.

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